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Inferno Robot Mode


Beast Form: Fire Ant

Inferno Beast Mode


Inferno's ProtoformThe fourth stasis pod to make planet fall was claimed by the Predacon's, or at least more precisely by Tarantulas and Blackarachnia. Though arriving in time to replace the Maximal programming chip with a Predacon one, they were not in time to help the new Protoform select a beast mode, which Tarantulas wanted to be an arachnid, like himself and Blackarachnia. Not long after they learned that the new Predacon was in fact a fire ant calling himself Inferno. It also became apparent that his beast form instincts were dominant as he viewed the stasis pod as his colony and referred to a nonexistent queen. In this state of mind he drove the two spiders away from the pod and took up guard duty like a good soldier.

Soon enough though a distraction arrived in the form of Airazor, who was trying to secure the pod for the Maximal's. When Inferno showed that he had the added ability of flight to confront her, Blackarachnia took the opportunity to show him that they were on the same side. Unfortunately though Tarantulas also seized on the opportunity. and made off with the pod. After dealing with Airazor, Inferno learned what Tarantulas had done, and gave pursuit to recapture his colony. Tigertron showed up a short time later, and upon hearing what had happened from Airazor, went in pursuit of the two Predacon's and the Pod himself. He was able to catchAlien Disc up with them when Tarantulas decided that it was in his best interest to stop Inferno, and destroyed the pod. Infuriated at the destruction of his colony, Inferno took out his frustrations on Tigertron, only to be blown up by Optimus Primal when he showed up to give Tigertron backup.

Inferno was repaired and reprogrammed by Megatron after this so that. though he still thought more like an ant then a transformer, he now thought of the Predacon ship as his colony, and also referred to Megatron as his queen, much to the Predacon leaders annoyance. To this end it was Inferno that Megatron sent to investigate unusual readings, which led to the discovery of the second Golden Disc, and the realization that the Aliens (later to be known as the Vok) would soon be returning. He also sent Inferno on a special mission right after this to keep an eye on Tarantulas and Blackarachnia as they attempted to build an escape pod to leave the planet. This mission took him inside of the Maximal Base, where he, inadvertently, put Tarantulas into stasis lock before the spider was able to finish the work that he was doing. Fortunately for Megatron, not to mention every other living thing on the planet, Blackarachnia was able to deactivate Inferno, and finish Tarantulas's work just in time for Optimus Primal to use the escape pod to destroy the orbiting alien weapon from destroying the entire planet.Dawn of Doom

Inferno and Tarantulas's bodies were placed in the detention area, were he made his escape after Blackarachnia came to get Tarantulas's body after the Quantum Surge hit. He rejoined the Megatron, and, with the permanent deactivation of Scorponok, was appointed second in command. Not long after when the Fuzors Quickstrike and Silverbolt were discovered, Inferno was sent into distract them while Megatron did his dirty work in order to convince them that they were Predacon's. Inferno would then played a huge part in the upcoming battle, which ended for him a wild west style showdown with the newly resurrected Optimus Primal.

Despite his new roll as second in command of the Predacon's, Inferno was only given minor assignments, such as the establishment of jamming towers to disrupt Maximal communications, scouting patrols, and on one occasion he and Waspinator were sent to retrieve a couple of the Darkside's transwarp cells so that Megatron could use them, in conjunction with an alien device, to return to Cybertron and conquer the planet. Inferno didn't mind these minor tasks though, since he thought of any job given to him by Megatron as a gift (this is due mainly to the fact that he was still part Ant and still considered Megatron to he his queen).

In fact Inferno was only given two really important assignments. The first one was when he and the rest of the Predacon's were called in to attack a valley that was home to the Early Humans. However he didn't get to enjoy this task for long as he was the first Predacon to be damaged by Dinobot when he singlehandedly went in to stop all six Predacon's from their attack, an attack that would be the last battle for the Maximal. The second assignment was given to him just before Megatron was captured by the Maximal's with the help of Covert Agent, not to mention former Decepticon, Ravage, who had been sent by the Tripredacus Council to put a stop to Megatron once and for all. When Ravage asked Optimus Primal and Cheetor to secure a cash of Energon Cubes that Megatron had hidden away so that they could refuel his ship, all the two Maximal's found was a number of unstable Energon crystals, as well as Inferno, who was laying in wait for them. However when the Energon fields began to mess with his circuits, Inferno chose, in an attempt to destroy the Maximal's, to blow the crystals up instead.

Somehow Inferno survived the explosion,  and though badly damaged, still went to Megatron when he summoned him to the Ark. When they were driven off by the Maximal's, Inferno, along with Waspinator, flew back to the unguarded Maximal base in order to destroy it. However, they were stopped by the new Optimus Primal and Cheetor in rout. Unfortunately for the Maximal's, Rampage, who was damaged during the battle with Ravage and left behind, who was able to send the Axalon to the bottom of the lake that sat at the bottom of a water fall that ran under the ship. This force the Maximal's to set up a new base, fortunately with the Sentinel Control Panelcommand center of the Axalon, next too the Ark so that they could better protect it from Megatron.

Weeks later Inferno led Quickstrike and Waspinator to ambush Silverbolt and Rattrap, who were on a mission to retrieve the Maximal's old defense program Sentinel from the wreck of the Axalon. After letting the Maximal's do the actual work of retrieving the control panel, Inferno and his team attacked, and though the control board was stolen, then retrieved, then stolen again, in the end, after a midair collision by Silverbolt, Rattrap, and the newest Maximal Depth Charge, Inferno was the victor and took the panel back to Megatron, where he wasted no time in hooking it up to their base.

Even with Sentinel, nothing could protect the Predacon's base from the might of the emissary of the Vok, Tigerhawk, who destroyed the base without any problem. This hit Inferno the hardest, since it was the second time thatFate of two he had lost his colony, and while Megatron, Dinobot, and Rampage went off to investigate what was left of Tarantulas's lair, he took Quickstrike and Waspinator to try and find a new colony. Eventually they came upon the camp of a tribe of Early Humans, and decided that it was a good location. But when they tried to take the camp, they found that the humans were not as much of a pushover as they had been in their first encounter. Regardless of this though, Inferno and Quickstrike (Waspinator had flat out refused to help them) eventually did take the camp, just in time for Megatron, who had taken command of the ancient Decepticon Warship, The Nemesis, to find them. However Megatron, either not knowing or not caring that his soldiers were in the line of fire, unleashed a full powered blast at the camp, thus destroying both Inferno and Quickstrike in the process. Fortunately for both Predacon's their legacy was established at that moment as the Early Humans put their parts to good use as tools, musical instruments, and many other things.


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