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Early Humans 1

Early Humanity Early Humans 2


Though out the final years of the Great War contact with the inhabitants of the planet Earth, or Humanity, helped to tip the balance of power in the war to favor the Autobot's. Knowing, and despising this, Megatron uses information that he gathered from the Golden Disc to plan an attack on a valley that is the home of the protohumans that will eventually evolve into the human race. Ordering all his Predacon's to attack the Valley, the only thing that stood in his way was Dinobot, who was able to take out all of Megatron's underlings before taking on the tyrant himself, and, though it cost Dinobot his spark, he was able to stop Megatron and destroy the Disc so that he could never try to change history again.

Though the Predacon attack failed to destroy humanity, it did succeed in other ways, all of them in favor of the protohumans. The first happened during Dinobot's final stand against Megatron, when the leader of the tribe watched the Maximal, who's weapon systems where non functional, used a stick with a rock imbedded in it to stop Megatron. The leader of the tribe took the discarded weapon and used it for both defense and as a tool. This eventually led to the tribes creating more weapons, based on this simple improvised weapon. The second was the fact that the protohumans left, and then separated into smaller groups, making it next to Chak and Unaimpossible for them to be hunted down in the same manner again.

Unfortunately though Megatron still decided to use the Early Humans as his test subjects Cyber Raptorfor his newly developed Cyber Raptors. The first attack left the Maximal's as protectors of two Early Human children, who they named Chak and Una, who were left behind after the attack. Knowing that they would be better off with their tribe Optimus Primal had Cheetor and Blackarachnia take the children back to their home. It was during this trip that Megatron had the Cyber Raptors attack again. Fortunately for them all, the tribes leader appeared and, using Dinobot's hammer, showed the Maximal's how to defeat the Cyber Raptors.

Chak and Una went on to form a relationship with Cheetor, who, with the blessing of Optimus Primal, started to teach them basic skills that their tribe would need in the future. This unfortunately caught the attention of the Predacon's who were working on a Disruptor weapon that would allow them to destroy the Maximal's and gain access to the Ark, which they were now protecting. The problem was that their own operating systems were just as vulnerable to the disruptor, and thus they kidnapped Una to help them complete work Bye Bye Waspinatoron the weapon. Rattrap and Depth Charge were sent in to rescue Una from the Predacon's, only to find out that she had, whether by her own craftiness or because she saw something pretty, sabotaged the weapon so that it blew up in the Predacon's faces. Needless to say Megatron pretty much left the Early Humans alone after that incident, that is until he had located the downed Decepticon Warship, the Nemesis, and used the ships primary weapon to try and eradicate every last one of them. Fortunately all he succeeded in doing was destroying his own soldiers, who were already working to secure the camp as the New Predacon Base.

Ironically enough the tribe then installed Waspinator as their leader. But this would be a short lived rule, as the Protohumans eventually became fed up with the Predacon, and sent him on a one way trip away from them via a cued, but very effective, catapult.



Third Parties of the Beast Wars