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Scorponok Robot Mode


Beast Form: Scorpion

Scorponok Beast Mode


One of the 5 Predacon's that helped Megatron to steal the Golden Disc back on Cybertron, Scorponok took on the form of the deadly scorpion as his beast form, however several of the other Predacon's think that he should have chosen a K-9 beast form since he was Megatron's lap dog. For this reason Scorponok was made the second in command of the Predacon's, and took this position very seriously. But also despite this, and the fact that he also had some expertise in bioengineering, he was not the most brilliant of the Predacon's, as indicated by lack of respect that he received most of the time from Megatron. Among the toolsCyber Bee that he used in his arsenal was his Cyber Bees, which he used to spy on the Maximal's, and on at least one occasion, he used one of them to infect Optimus Primal with a virus that, though meant to make him a coward, turned him into a berserk ape bent on the destruction of anything or anyone in his way. Needless to say that this caused more problems for the Predacon's as Optimus Primal took out his newfound aggression on them in the end. It should also be noted that Tigertron also used a captured Cyber Bee to send a message back to the Maximal base when he and Airazor were trapped on a mysterious flying island that was later learned was the creation of the Vok.

On several occasions Scorponok was teamed up with Blackarachnia so that Megatron could keep better tabs on her. In all these instances, Blackarachnia was able to get rid of Scorponok, first by having Tigertron deal with him in the race to secure the stasis pod that held Airazor, then again when the two of them were sent to secure a flying island that had been discovered, she tricked him into activating one of the islands traps, but only after she used him to help her secure the control center for the island. The last time was when Waspinator's body had been taken over by the spark of the Decepticon Starscream. And finally when Scorponok and Terrorsaur Fall to Their DoomScorponok had been left with Blackarachnia and Starscream at the recently conquered Maximal base, when he was blasted by both of them when Starscream ordered the Maximal's, who had just surrendered in a plan to take back the base, to attack the Predacon base.

The last thing that Scorponok saw was Megatron's plan to destroy the orbiting alien super weapon succeed, along with the added bonus of destroying Optimus Primal as well. Just after that though sensors detected a Quantum Surge heading right for them. After it hit and began to reconfigure everyone that was not in the CR Tank (Waspinator had fallen into one only seconds before) Scorponok and Terrorsaur's levitation platforms crashed into each other, and the two Predacon's fell into one of the lava pits that was all over the base. No Data Tracks were ever discovered that stated that the sparks of both Predacon's were not extinguished on that day. A fitting end to the story of this Predacon.


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