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Rampage Robot Mode


Beast Form: Transmetal Crap

Rampage Beast Mode


In an attempt to combine the qualities of the indestructible mutant spark of the Decepticon Starscream with a Maximal, the scientists ofProtoform X Colony Omicron created Protoform X. Though they succeeded in making the spark indestructible, X proved to be no Maximal as, though brilliant, he was also hopelessly treacherous, and in return for granting him life, X destroyed Colony Omicron, along with all but one of the Maximal's that lived there. That lone Maximal was non other then the colonies chief of security, Depth Charge, who,X's Stasis Pod after his recovery, spent four stellar cycles trying hunting down X before he finally succeeded.

Though Depth Charge asked the Maximal High Consol to find a way to extinguish X's spark forever, they chose instead to turn him over to the Axalon, under the command of Optimus Primal, and ordered to dump it in a faraway and baron place where he could not hurt anyone else. Needless to say Depth Charge was not happy about this decision. However when Megatron stole the Golden Disc, the Axalon was called into service to try and stop him, and when the ship took damage to its stasis hold before crashing onto Prehistoric Earth, all of the pods were ejected into Earths orbit. This is where X, along with all but four of the other pods remained until the aliens known as the Vok unleashed their orbital super weapon in an attempt to wipe out both sides in the Beast Wars. After the weapon was destroyed the resulting quantum surge further mutated X's super structure into that of a Transmetal.

X's stasis pod crashed into a large Energon reserve, and was able to scan and replicate a crab beast form before going off line. It was there that Cheetor, while on a reconnaissance flight, located it and reported back to base about it. Knowing who and what it was Optimus Primal immediately headed out with Silverbolt to Rampage's Sparkmeet up with Cheetor and assess if X was still alive. Unfortunately Megatron, who was listening in on Cheetor's transmition, sent Blackarachnia and Waspinator to secure the pod for the Predacon's. Meanwhile Tarantulas was, who was also listening in, headed for the Pod himself, not to secure it for the Predacon's, but to try and capture Blackarachnia, who had information that he needed.

In the battle that followed, the Energon that surrounded the pod was set off, and the resulting explosion sent everyone involved flying in different directions. Tarantulas ended up landing near the, now empty, pod, but when he went to investigate it, he was immediately attacked by X. Meanwhile back at the Predacon base, Megatron, who had planted a listening device on Blackarachnia, listened in as she and Silverbolt happened on the scene and, with great interest, took in Silverbolt's story about X. A short time later Blackarachnia and Silverbolt were attacked by X, and with the timely help of Optimus Primal and Cheetor, were able to send the deadly creature over a ledge where X went, albeit temporarily, off line. It was then that Megatron came out of the shadows, and with a Energon blade cut out the essence of X's spark. Back at the Predacon base Megatron watched as X emerged from the CR Tank, and showed the newly christened Rampage who now held the power.Transmutate

Though he did follow the orders of Megatron, it was not willingly, and openly defied the Predacon leader on a number of occasions. The first one was when they discovered a stasis pod where the Protoform inside was damaged, resulting in the creation of a powerful, yet mentally inferior form that called itself Transmutate. In the end though, Transmutate was destroyed when it flew in between missiles that were fired by both Rampage and Silverbolt, who had felt the same way about Transmutate as Rampage did. It was one of the few times that Rampage didn't revel in the pain of others, since he himself was in pain as well.

Another notable instance was just after the discovery of the Ark when Rampage and Inferno were charged with gaining information about Optimus Primal's new body, and he left the area when his spark sensed the arrival of his old adversary Depth Charge. However the incident that really upset Rampage was when Megatron used the essence of his spark to create the Transmetal 2 Dinobot, threateningAdd one spark to tear the spark right out of his chasse, that is until Dinobot, who was in a sense Rampage's new brother, showed how unlike the original he was and incapacitated Rampage with his half of the spark. Despite this rocky start though, the two of them became something of a team.

After the destruction of the Predacon base by the emissary of the Vok, Tigerhawk, Rampage accompanied Megatron and Dinobot on a mission to secure the Decepticon Warship The Nemesis. While Megatron and Dinobot went inside the ship to prep it for launch, Rampage was left outside, where he intercepted Depth Charge on his mission to destroy the ship, and succeeded in provoking him into one last fight. In data tracks recovered from both Depth Charge and Rampage, the intense fight between them ended with Depth Charge holding a piece of raw Energon over a slash in Rampage's chasse that exposed his spark. For some reason though Rampage gave up the fight and allowed Depth Charge to stab his spark with the Energon, resulting in an explosion that not only extinguished Depth Charge's spark, but also the half of it that Rampage still had. This apparently had an effect of the half that resided in Dinobot's chasse since characteristics of the first Dinobot, most notably his sense of honor, began to emerge. It should be noted that the half of the spark that Dinobot carried was extinguished a short time later when the Maximal's were able to finally bring down the Nemesis.


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