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Tigertron Robot Mode


Beast Form: White Tiger


Tigertron Beast Mode


Tigertron was the first Maximal Protoform to leave orbit of Prehistoric Earth, and make planet fall.  As soon as his Stasis Pod was spotted, the race was on for both the Maximal's and the Predacon's to claim a new soldier.  Thanks to some quick thinking by Dinobot and Optimus Primal, the Maximal's won that race with the help of a laser modified for Line of Site transmission.  Since a White Tiger was the only animal in the area, Tigertron took on that form.  Unfortunately in the landing, some of his circuits were damaged, so he remained in beast form until he knew for sure who's side he was on when the Maximal's and Predacon's showed up.

Seeing how the Maximal's were willing to let the Predacon's have what they wanted when they threatened innocent creatures, Tigertron showed himself, and helped to defeat them.  Due to his malfunction though, he chose not to return to the Axalon, but to remain out in the wild as a field agent.  Optimus Primal agreed to this, and let him do as he wished.  This became a trend with Tigertron, though he always showed up when he was needed, he remained in the wild, among who he considered his own kind.  There was only 2 Maximal's that Tigertron felt a kinship with, Cheetor, who he shared a feline based beast form, and Airazor, who, like himself, was one of the orbiting Protoform until her Stasis Pod crashed on Earth, much like his.

After the quantum surge that followed the destruction of alien weapon, Tigertron, along with Airazor, left the other Maximal's to find how much damage was done to the planet.  It was not long after this that they were both captured by the Vok, and eventually had their superstructures combined by them to create their messenger, Tigerhawk.  Fortunately, both Tigertron and Airazor were able to combine their Sparks and take over the body, thus rejoining the Maximal's, at least for a short time, as Tigerhawk fell in battle against the resurrected Decepticon Warship, The Nemesis, but not without giving the ship a good fight.


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