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The Vok

The Vok


The Vok are a mysterious group of aliens that for some reason seeded Prehistoric Earth with large quantities of Energon. When the Axalon and Darkside crashed Vok Device #1onto Prehistoric Earth the Vok sent a probe to investigate these new arrivals. The Probe proceeded to land in an area designated by the groups as the Standing Stones, and when both factions proceeded to investigate the ship, one unit,  Optimus Primal was captured for study. When it was determined that Primal, was from Cybertron, and they proceeded toVok Island Weapon return him to the Standing Stones.

Though the Vok didn't return to Earth right away one of their devices was discovered when Tigertron, during a regular check in, was attacked by Waspinator and Terrorsaur, and fell onto the island. When they returned to the Predacon base and told Megatron about what had happened to them, he sent out Blackarachnia and Scorponok to secure the island for him. Meanwhile, Cheetor, who had spotted the two fliers returning to the Predacon base, reported back to the Optimus Primal what he had seen and Airazor was immediately dispatched to learn what was going on. When she found the Alien DiscIsland, Airazor was shot out of the sky by Scorponok, and met up with Tigertron who had figured out a way to contact the rest of the Maximal's to warn them about the island. Primal immediately set off with Rattrap for the island. Meanwhile Blackarachnia began to plot to take control of the island herself. In the end, after Blackarachnia took control of the islands control center, Tigertron was forced to destroy it, even though he had discovered a piece that he had never known. Just after the islands destruction the control obelisk sent out a signal to a similar obelisk located on a moon that the Vok had set up in orbit of the planet.

For a time there was no indications that the Vok would return again, that is until both the Maximal's and Predacon's picked up the energy signature of a Vok device and found a second Golden Disc in that location. This led to a temperary cease fire between bothVok Orbital Weapon Vok as Unicrongroups until they did return. At which time they told Optimus Primal that they intended to sterilize the entire planet due to the fact that the Beast Wars had disrupted their experiment. Fortunatly a way to stop the device was waiting for the Maximal's back at their base in the form of a Stasis Pod that had been changed into an escape pod, complete with a transwarp cell.  Intent to set off a transwarp explotion within the device, Optimus Primal flew it right into the heart of the device, only to find out too late that Megatron had also been counting on the same plan, only in his version the pilot was scrificed as well. Fortunatly for the Maximal's, some quick thinking Vok Metalhunter Shipfrom Rhinox allowed the revival of Optimus Primal's spark.

Thinking that they had seen the last of the Vok devices the Maximal's were hit hard when yet another device appeared near to where both Tigertron and Airazor were currently scouting, and unable to warn them in time, both of them were taken by the Vok. Not long after yet another Vok device appeared, but unlike the others this one was able to be controlled by whoever had the second Disc, in this case Megatron. The ship was destroyed though thanks in part to the work of Tarantulas, who, after being betrayed by Megatron, implanted a virus into the ships dive cells (which were taken from the Darkside) blowing it into scrap as it rocketed away from the planet.

This would not be the last time that the Vok would try to interfear with the Beast Wars. Detecting the attempted alterations to the time line commited when Megatron tried to destroy Optimus Prime, the Vok made one last trip to Prehistoric Earth, this time in the form of an emesary created by combining the bodies of Tigertron and Airazor, called Tigerhawk. When they arrived on Earth, Tigerhawk proceeded to destroy the Predacon base, and then attempted to destroy Megatron himself, not realizing that at that time he held in his body the spark of the original Megatron, and by destroying him he would cause the very time storm that he was sent to prevent.

Though Optimus Primal attempted to stop Tigerhawk from carrying out its mission, it was Tarantulas that ultimatly stopped his from destroying Megatron. This however was not done out of concern for his former leader, the spider instead planned to use Tigerhawk's unique powers to destroy the Ark and every transformer on it. The Vok who controlled the body of Tigerhawk had other plans however, and they sacrificed themselves in order to stop the mad spider once and for all. The reasons for this are still unclear. It should also be noted that Tigerhawk eventually met the same fate as the other Vok devices did, only in his case he was, haveing been taken over by the combined sparks of Tigertron and Airazor, fighting to stop Megatron and his mad ambitions.


Third Parties of the Beast Wars