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Dinobot Robot Mode


Dinobot 2

Beast Form: Velociraptor

Dinobot Beast Mode
Dinobot TM2 Robot Mode Dinobot TM2 Beast Mode


One of the 5 Predacon's that helped Megatron to steal the Golden Disc back on Cybertron, Dinobot takes on the form of the Velociraptor for his beast mode after the Predacon ship, the Darkside, crash land on Prehistoric Earth. Thinking that Megatron had led them to the wrong planet, Dinobot challenges him for theAlien Disc The Golden Discleadership of the Predacon's, only for Megatron to have Scorponok blast him off the base. Realizing that he was not going to be able to sway the other Predacon's that he was the better leader, Dinobot instead heads for the Maximal base, and challenges Optimus Primal to a duel for the leadership of the Maximal's. Though the two of them do fight it out for the role of leader, the fight is put on hold when the other Predacon's attack, and when Primal saves Dinobot when he is knocked off the bridge they are fighting on, Dinobot, who has a strict sense of honor, agrees to follow his lead in battle.

Now a full fledged Maximal, Dinobot is accepted by all but one of the other Maximal's as a member of the team. The only holdout is Rattrap, who has no problem showing his contempt for the former Predacon, even though over time the two of them forge a love/hate relationship with each other. Despite this rocky relationship with Rattrap, Dinobot goes on to become a valuable member of the team, often times going out on recon patrols with Optimus Primal, or adding extra muscle to the battles with the Predacon's. Most notable of all was the fact that Dinobot was able to incorporate Maximal values, such as their respect of all life, into his own honor, which he incorporated to bring Tigertron back into the fold when he lost an animal friend of his in a Predacon attack.Final Stand

After the destruction of the Vok's orbiting weapon, Dinobot realized that Megatron had indeed brought them to the right planet and went off to steal the two golden discs from the Predacon Base. Learning something about his own fate, Dinobot proceeded to hide the two discs in separate places so that Megatron wouldn't be able to find them. When he returned to the Maximal base, Rattrap filled him in on what had been going on since he had left and they both headed off to help Cheetor who had engaged the Predacon's in battle. When the battle finally ended at the Maximal base Dinobot was ready to meet his fate at the hands of the Predacon's, when Optimus Primal returned from the dead and led them to victory.

Though the Maximal's had won that day, the questions that has arisen during his examination of the discs remained, and this led to him deciding to return to the Predacon's to try and find some of his answers. This proved to be the wrong thing to do for several reasons. First, because as part of this defection he had to return the first Golden Disc to Megatron, who in turn was ready to terminate him after he did this. Second, because it took him back to square one with the Maximal's, especially with Rattrap. And lastly, it still left the questions that he had unanswered.

His questions remained unanswered for a while longer until, after an alteration with Rattrap, he ventured out on his own and eventually, thanks to a tip from Cheetor and a ride from Tarantulas, led him to watch as Megatron and the new Predacon Rampage conducted an experiment with info from the Golden Disc that answered Last actions of a true herohis questions, but at the same time confirmed that he had no choice in his destiny since Megatron immediately ordered anSaying goodbye to a friend attack on a valley that was home to all the tribes of early humans, whose decedents will play a crucial role in helping the Autobot's win the Great War against the Decepticon's. In an act of what some call either pure bravery or pure stupidity, Dinobot rushed into battle against all six of the Predacon's and stopped them from destroying the valley, on top of destroying the Golden Disc so that it could never be used in that manner again. Unfortunately this action also cost Dinobot his spark and holding out so that the other Maximal's could hear his final words, he told them: "Tell my tale to those that ask. Tell it truly, the evil deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly, the rest is silence!" with that, his body shut down and his spark rose out of it. Surprisingly it was Rattrap that led the other Maximal's in a salute of Dinobot's spark as it rose into the air. As it flew away, Optimus Primal summed Dinobot's life up with these words "He lived as a warrior and died a hero, let his spark join the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron!" Dinobot was then given a heroes burial as his body was recycled with honor while his comrades watched on.

Though we would like to say that this was the end of a noble warrior, Megatron just couldn't let it be and, using a blank Protoform that he found, along with half of Rampage's immortal spark and a piece of alien tech that he found, which he dubbed the Transmetal Driver, and some DNA, he created a Transmetal 2 clone of Dinobot which was loyal to him. When they learned of this through Depth Charge the rest of the Maximal's were appalled by this news, especially when they finally met this new and improved version of their fallen friend. In fact, in a mission that was never entered into official datatrax, Rattrap, with help from Depth Charge, attempted to reprogram the new Dinobot with the programming of the first Dinobot, but they seemed to fail at this unapproved mission, even though they did succeed at imputing the program into the new Dinobot.

Dinobot continued to serve the Predacon's loyally, and, after the destruction of their base by Tigerhawk, Dinobot accompanied Megatron and Rampage to the The End/The BeginingDecepticon Warship, The Nemesis, in an attempt to take the warship and use it to not only end the Beast Wars, but also change the future in favor of both the Decepticon's and the Predacon's. However after Rampage was finally destroyed by Depth Charge, and the evil influence of his half of the spark was lifted, it became apparent that Rattrap and Depth Charge's mission did succeed, as the personality of the First Dinobot began to surface. This led to Dinobot sending the Maximal's a schematic of the Ark that included information about a previously unknown Autobot Shuttle that was at the disposal of the Maximal's. Also, according to the datatrax of Optimus Primal, Dinobot betrayed Megatron at the last moment, refusing to fire the Nemesis's primary weapon at the unprotected Ark. This bought enough time for Rhinox, who was piloting the shuttle, to fly it right through the Bridge of the Nemesis. And as the ship blew up around them, Dinobot stayed behind to atone for his part in the evil deeds that he participated in since his creation.

As they left the planet behind them, Optimus Primal quoted a passage from the Covenant of Primus, "In the spark of an enemy, there will be salvation, and in the darkest hour there will be a light.", referring to both the contribution and the sacrifice that the second Dinobot made to ensure that Megatron would be defeated and that the Maximal's would be victorious. It is for this reason that, though he was officially a Predacon, the name of Dinobot will be remembered with both respect and honor for many cycles to come.


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