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Silverbolt Robot Mode


Beast Form: Fuzor (Wolf/Eagle Combination)

Silverbolt B


After the Vok attack on prehistoric Earth, all of the Maximal stasis pods crashed to planets surface, and due to a malfunction in the scanner program two different animals were combined into one, thus creating the wolf/eagle Fuzor Silverbolt. Upon emerging from his stasis pod, the first being that Silverbolt encounters is Quickstrike, another Fuzor, who he takes an instant dislike too. It was during a fight that the two Fuzors get into that Megatron and Inferno show up. While Inferno engages the two new bots in battle, Megatron accesses their programming and changes both their activation codes, so that when he steps in a short time later, he is able to convince both of them that they are Predacon's. And though Quickstrike buys the story without hesitation, Silverbolt is skeptical of Megatron's story, but decides to join the Predacon's anyway. It isn't until he meets the Maximal's and is spared by them that he realizes that he is on the wrong side, and asks to join them. Fortunately he had just saved the resurrected Optimus Primal from a sneak attack by Megatron, and is instantly welcomed into the fold.

Two things immediately become apparent of Silverbolt, he has a personal honor is only rivaled by that of Dinobot, and he believes in chivalry, which is reveled when he has his first encounter with Blackarachnia. Ironically though during an adventure were the two of them are separated from the other Maximal's and Predacon's, while on the run from Protoform X (later to be renamed Rampage by Megatron), the two of them started to develop feelings for each other. However these feelings would not start to really manifest until potential rescue came from Cybertron in the form of the former Decepticon, Ravage. When Blackarachnia fled during the battle that followed, Silverbolt went after her, and ended up helping her to uncover the crashed Autobot ship The Ark. Unfortunately during the time that they were digging out the Ark, Megatron convinced Ravage to help him fight the other Maximal's. When they failed in that plan, Megatron headed straight for the Volcano that the Ark was imbedded in.

When he arrived, he forced Blackarachnia, who had stolen the Arks command codes from Megatron just after the Vok tried to destroy them with their orbital weapon, to allow him to enter the ship, where he went on to try and destroy Optimus Prime to ensure that the Decepticon's won the great war instead of the Autobot's. Fortunately Blackarachnia and Silverbolt were able to get Optimus Prime onto emergency life support long enough for the other Maximal's to arrive and begin repairs. When the Maximal's moved into the Volcano, after the Axalon was destroyed by the Predacon's, Silverbolt was mainly put on Sentry duty where he would man the auto guns, usually with Blackarachnia supporting him. He did however go on a single mission with Rattrap to try and retrieve the Axalon's defensive program, Sentinel, from the ships remains.

His love for Blackarachnia truly came out when she attempted to use the alien Transmetal Driver on herself to become a Transmetal 2. When her attempt failed it was found out that the programming that made her a Predacon was also damaged and that somehow put her life in danger. But when the attempt to delete the programming failed due to a Predacon attack on the base, Silverbolt, in the role of an avenging lover, went after Tarantulas, who was the one that reprogrammed Blackarachnia's Protoform from Maximal to Predacon, and was about ready to kill him when Rampage showed up. Rampage was about to finish off Silverbolt when non other then Blackarachnia, now not only a Maximal, but also a Transmetal 2, showed up and saved him. After that Silverbolt mostly remained at the base, except for when he went to fight in the last battle of the Beast Wars. But this one was short lived as he shoved Depth Charge away from an explosive booby trap, and got the full force of the explosion. He was taken back to the base by Cheetor and Blackarachnia, where he remained throughout the battle with Megatron and the Decepticon Warship, The Nemesis. Surviving this he was one of the Maximal's that returned to Cybertron onboard the Autobot shuttle after the final battle. But little did he know that his battle was only just beginning.


To be Continued in the Beast Machines Section!


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