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Quickstrike Robot Mode


Beast Form: Fuzor (Scorpion with a Cobra Head Tail)

Quickstrike Beast Mode


After the Vok attack on prehistoric Earth, all of the Maximal stasis pods crashed to the planet, and due to a malfunction in one of the pods, the scanner program combined the DNA of two different animals into one proto form, thus creating the scorpion/cobra Fuzor Quickstrike. This Predacon took a page from the Earth time period known as the old west, in both his talk and attitude, and upon exiting the pod he immediately attacked the first creature that he came across, which happened to be another Fuzor, Silverbolt. While the two Fuzors were fighting, Megatron accessed their transformation programs and changed them to the Predacon code "Terrorize". Though the code didn't sit well with Silverbolt, Quickstrike accepted it without question, and needless to say at the end of the battle that followed this, he remained a member of the Predacon's, while Silverbolt went over to the Maximal's.

However Quickstrike soon proved that he was all talk and no action as on several occasions he was easily beaten back by even the weakest of creatures. This was made more apparent when he was chosen by Megatron to fight Dinobot when he wanted to rejoin the Predacon's. He even stayed back and watched as the other Predacon's attack the early humans in their valley, only joining the battle when Dinobot had defeated the others, and was possibly too weak to offer much of a fight. This was proven wrong though as Quickstrike was defeated easily by the badly damaged and weaponless Maximal.

Quickstrike tended to remain in the backlines from that point on, up to the point were he was put in command of a device meant to take control of Optimus Primal so that Megatron could gain access to the Ark for the purpose of gaining more power from the Spark of the original Megatron, in the same way that Optimus Primal gained more power when he took Optimus Prime's spark in his own body. Though Megatron had succeeded in taking his namesakes Spark, what he didn't know was that Quickstrike had made a deal with Tarantulas to betray him, and with Primal's body, he dumped Megatron into a lava pit. The device was then destroyed a short time later by Blackarachnia, thus freeing Primal from his control.

Unfortunately that was not the only set back for them, as Megatron, now with a new, and more powerful Dragon beast form, emerged from the lava pit, he immediately took care of Tarantulas, and after being beaten back from the Ark, put Quickstrike on trial for his betrayal. Fortunately for the Fuzor it was at that time that aliens known as the Vok decided to make their final appearance, and Quickstrike was welcomed back into the Predacon's, if for no other reason, as cannon fader for the aliens. The aliens emissary, Tigerhawk, was more then the Predacon's could handle, and after it destroyed their base, he sent Quickstrike, along with Waspinator and Inferno, for a ride in a tornado. Fait of Inferno and Quickstrike

After that Quickstrike was sent on a mission to find a new base with Waspinator and Inferno by Megatron, if for no other reason as a distraction for the Maximal's (who didn't take the bait). After some searching, and the defection of Waspinator who was getting sick of his ever dwindling place in the Predacon's, they came to one of the new homes of the early humans, and though they had superior firepower, the humans still put up a good fight. Unfortunately when they did secure the location as the new base, Megatron, who had found the Decepticon Warship, the Nemesis, showed up, and taking no notice of Quickstrike and Inferno, fired the ships main weapon, thus destroying both Predacon's, and showing how much respect he had for those that served under his command, and remains of the two Predacon's were left by the Maximal's as tools for the early humans when they left the planet a short time earlier.


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