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Rattrap Robot Mode


Beast Form: Rat

Rattrap Beast Mode
Rattrap TM Robot Mode Rattrap TM Beast Mode


Demolitions Expert, Sharpshooter, infiltrator, hacker, rodent, vermin, pain in the butt, All of these descriptions of Rattrap has been used at one time or another, and as far as he is concerned, they are all correct.  One of the members of the command crew of the Axalon, Rattrap, due mainly to his size and training, chose the form of a Rat as his disguise after crashing on Prehistoric Earth, making him ideal for spy missions inside of the Predacon base. Though initially Rattrap defied Optimus Primal's orders on a regular basis he eventually grew a huge respect for Primal and his command style. This became most apparent when Optimus was trapped inside of a probe that was sent by the mysterious Vok, the aliens that seeded the planet with the large Energon deposits, which made it all but impossible to remain in robot mode for long. When Optimus was finally able to contact the Maximal base, he placed Rattrap in charge for the duration of his absence. A roll that he would take on again at least one other time after Optimus was killed by the transwarp explosion that destroyed the Vok's orbiting weapon.Most Humiliating Defeat 2

Most Humiliating Defeat in Transformers HistoryThough he also got along well with the other members of the command crew of the Axalon, Cheetor and Rhinox, he openly clashed with their Predacon defector, Dinobot, which led to several hairy situations between the two of them. Most notable of these clashes happened when their arguing allowed the Predacon Tarantulas to infect Rhinox with an energy dispelling virus, and the two of them were forced to work together in order to not only find Tarantulas, but the cure as well before Rhinox went off line permanently, and which led to the most humiliating defeat ever suffered in all the history of the Transformers.

His demolitions expertise also came in handy when the Maximal's learned that the Predacon Terrorsaur located an island of Energon that super charged him with enough power to finish off Megatron himself, at least for a time. His infiltration skills were also put to the test when he inadvertently set off the Maximal's new defense system, Sentinel, before the signatures of the Maximal's could be inputted. Needless to say he was able to activate the recognition program before Sentinel terminated him. Finally he was called upon to travel to a flying island, of Vok design, that Tigertron and Airazor had found and that the Predacon's were trying to take control of.

After the destruction of the Vok weapon, Rattrap, along with Cheetor, were reconfigured into new bodies. This new form, Final Standwhich was officially designated Transmetal, gave the two Maximal's the added ability of alternate forms, in the case of Rattrap, he gained a set of wheels that allowed him to travel over terrain much faster then he could have on foot. But this new form all but ended his days of infiltration since this new form was much more bulky then his previous beast form. Shortly after this, he, along with Cheetor and Dinobot, went up against most of the Predacon's, including the new fusor's Silverbolt and Quickstrike, but were beaten back by the overwhelming forces that they regrouped with Rhinox, and prepared for one last stand against the Predacon's. Fortunately Rhinox had not returned from his trip into the matrix alone, and just as Megatron was about to finish the four Maximal's, Optimus Primal showed up and like another Optimus before him, turned the tide of the battle driving off all of the Predacon's, and excepting Silverbolt as the newest Maximal after he decided that his true future was with the Maximal's.

Not long after this, Dinobot, while leading a recon mission into Predacon territory, would betray the Maximal's, thinking that his destiny indeed lied with the Predacon's. This assessment was in error as once he gave Megatron what he wanted, which was the golden disc (Dinobot had stolen and hid it after realizing that they had indeed gone to Earth and not some unknown planet), the Predacon tried to eliminate him. If not for the timely arrival of Rattrap, Megatron would have succeeded. This action allowed Dinobot to make the decision to stay return to the Maximal's.

A short time later when Rhinox detected yet another energy signature that coincided with the devices that the Vok used, Rattrap and Dinobot were sent to eliminate a Predacon jamming tower, but were too late to get a message off to Tigertron and Airazor, who were captured by the mysterious aliens. And when Megatron took control of the device, thanks to the Alien Golden Disc, Rattrap, along with Tarantulas, infiltrated the device in order to destroy it. Unfortunately the destruction of the device didn't return the missing Maximal's, and their disappearance remained a mystery until near the end of the Beast Wars.

Not long after this though, when it was determined that the transwarp wave that was created when Optimus Primal flew his ship into the Vok weapon to destroy it, was moving into the future and would alert Cybertron to where they were, Dinobot decided to head out on his own to finally answer the questions that he had been plagued with ever since he found out that they were on Earth. Ironically he found out his answers but also realized that at the same time learned that he indeed had not choice. With this he sacrificed his own spark to save the early humans from destruction at the hands of all the Predacon's, in doing so he destroyed the Golden Disc so that it could never be used by Megatron again. In his final moments, Rattrap, along with the other Maximal's, comforted him as his systems shut down, and was the first of the group to salute his spark as it went off to join the Matrix.

With the arrival of Cybertron eminent, Megatron launched one last attack on the Maximal base, only to be driven off by the arrival of Special Agent Ravage, a member of the Predacon secret police as well as a former Decepticon. Rattrap was the first to openly show distrust of this new arrival, but with the promise that Ravage could help end the Beast Wars, not to mention capture Megatron, the offer was too good to resist. Unfortunately Rattrap was right not to trust Ravage, because shortly after they captured Megatron, the former Decepticon turned on them. If not for the fast thinking of Rattrap, who jumped on board the Predacon ship, and blew it and Ravage to the Pit, the Maximal's would have lost that day. But it wasn't over yet as Megatron took off in a direction away from the Predacon base. It was soon revealed that he was headed for the location of the Ark, were he attempted to change history so that the Autobot's lost the great war with the Decepticon's by destroying Optimus Prime. This attempt failed, and thanks to the sacrifice that Optimus Primal made by holding onto Prime's spark, the Maximal's were able to restore history to its true path.

Now set up in the volcano that housed the Ark, Rattrap was sent on a special mission to retrieve the Sentinel program from the wreck of the Axalon which, thanks to the Predacon's, now existed at the bottom of a large river. Encased in a large submersible, Rattrap was able to find and remove the Sentinel control board, but in the battle that followed, lost it to the Predacon's. who used it to fortify their own base. He also teamed up with the new Maximal, Depth Charge, to save a human child from the Predacon's, who needed her to calibrate their newest weapon. And though the rescued the human girl, she in turn saved the rest of the Maximal's when she stole a control crystal from the device that she had to work on.

Rattrap would remain at the Ark from this time on to back up Rhinox on guard duty until the last battle of the Beast Wars when Megatron would attempt to release the full fury of the Decepticon Battle Cruiser, the Nemesis on the Ark, where he watched ideally as Optimus Primal and Rhinox stopped Megatron once and for all, or so they thought, as the Maximal's returned home to Cybertron, were a new battle waited for them, a battle that would make the Beast Wars seem like a walk in the park.


To be Continued in the Beast Machines Section!


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