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Depth Charge Robot Mode

Depth Charge

Beast Form: Transmetal Manta Ray

Depth Charge Beast Mode


A one time security chief in charge of the Maximal Colony Omicron, Depth Charge's life took an unexpected turn when one of the colonies projects, code named Protoform X (Or better known as the Predacon Rampage) went berserk and leveled the colony, killing everyone, except for Depth Charge. From that point on Depth Charge considered it his mission to hunt down and capture X so that he could never do to another colony what he did to Omicron. It took him Four Stellar Cycles, but Depth Charge finally captured X and upon returning to Cybertron requested that a way be found to destroy X's Spark (which was made to be immortal by using some of the same techniques that the Decepticon Starscream used on his own spark). However the Counsel of Maximal Elders decided that it would be easier, and possibly more humane, to simply put X on an outbound ship and have him dropped on some barren world. So despite Depth Charge's warnings that it would not be enough, the job of disposing of X fell on the Axalon, under the command of Optimus Primal, and was deemed top secret.

When he heard that Primal's ship had disappeared, Depth Charge went off in search of them in case X had somehow gotten loose. His journey eventually took him to an area of space that was deemed off limits by the Maximal Elders. It was here that Depth Charge found some sort of gateway back to Prehistoric Earth, that also contained an unusual quantum radiation, that changed his super structure. After crashing in the water the DNA sequencers chose the form of a Manta Ray as his beast form. He also found that he could fly through the air as well (he would later find out that this new ability was thanks to the radiation, which changed him into a Transmetal).  Though he was in search of X, he eventually came upon Cheetor who had been blasted into the water by X. With his scanner drone having located X, Depth Charge left Cheetor, and was moments later ambushed by X, who now had a crab form. The two of them fought, and in the end it was thanks to the arrival of Optimus Primal that Depth Charge was not finished off.

Back at the Maximal base, Depth Charge learned the scope of things on Earth, as well as the new name that X went by, Rampage, but still refused to join Primal's team stating that he had to clean up his mess. This however leads to a big mess of things when Depth Charge inadvertently allows the Predacon's to steal the Sentinel defense program from Silverbolt and Rattrap, by colliding with them in midair, thus allowing Waspinator to take the control panel back to Megatron to use at their base. Realizing that he messed up, Depth Charge decides that it wouldn't be so bad to work with the other Maximal's, but it soon becomes apparent that this new attitude is only convenient when he is not off trying to slag Rampage.

This became apparent when Megatron created his Transmetal 2 clone of Dinobot using half of Rampage's Spark, which Depth Charge zeroed in on. Despite an order from Optimus Primal no to pursue Megatron and Waspinator, Depth Charge disobeyed, and nearly got Cheetor killed in the action (all he did though was help Cheetor to become a Transmetal 2 himself). This would become a continuing pattern for Depth Charge for the remainder of the Beast Wars (even going so far as to foolishly walk right into a Predacon Trap at the entrance to Tarantulas's underground lair, only to have Silverbolt shove him out of the way at the last moment and take the full force of the explosion himself), until it was learned that Megatron had found the crash site of the Decepticon Warship, The Nemesis, and knowing full well what the deranged Predacon would do with a ship like that he headed right there.

However when he got close enough to make out the ship, he was attacked by Rampage, and the two of them had one last battle in a underwater field of raw Energon crystals. At one point Depth Charge was able to use one of the crystals to slash open Rampage's torso, right above the compartment that housed his spark, thus exposing it. Going for broke, Depth Charge flung himself at Rampage and tackled him attempting to thrust the crystal right through his spark. In the end Rampage simply gave up and allowed Depth Charge to do it. The resulting explosion could be seen by Optimus Primal and Tigerhawk, who were flying above that location, and who took it as a sign that Depth Charge had succeeded in his mission. The terrible truth of the price it cost came to the surface a moment later as pieces of both Transformers surfaced for a brief time, only to sink back into the depths of the ocean. Unfortunately not all was as it seemed, and as Primal and Tigerhawk began to fly back to base to morn the loss of their comrade, the Nemesis broke the surface of the water and rose into the air, making Depth Charge's sacrifice meaningless in the coming battle.

Though in the end Depth Charge's spark was extinguished before he could complete his mission, he is still remembered as a honored hero of the Beast Wars for those actions that he did succeed in. Hopefully his Spark is now at piece with the sparks of those that poor bots that lost their lives on Colony Omicron to the monster that became known as Rampage.


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