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Blackarachnia Robot Mode


Beast Form: Black Widow

Blackarachnia Beast Mode
Blackarachnia TM2 Robot Mode Blackarachnia TM2 Beast Mode


The Second maximal Protoform to make planet fall was claimed by the Predacon's, and the reprogramming and choice of beast form of this Protoform was left inBlackarachnia as a Protoform the hands of Tarantulas, who chose the form of a Black Widow spider as this deadly ladies beast form. The irony of this choice was not lost on Megatron though. This event was the last in a long line of failed missions that led to the defection of Rattrap from the Maximal's, which in the end was nothing more then a ruse to find out how the Predacon's had been able to ambush so many Maximal operations, most recent was the capture of the pod, which was all linked to a stolen Maximal communication ship.

Blackarachnia would go on to either build or help to build some of the Predacon's most devious devices, including a powerful explosive device that she planned to use to get inside the Maximal base. This plan was foiled by Tigertron, who had tracked Waspinator to a cave that led directly under the Maximal base. She also constructed a dampening device that hid the energy signature of all the Predacon's when they wanted the Maximal's to think that they won the Beast Wars in order to steal their ship.

She was later sent out with Scorponok to secure the third pod to make planet fall, and though she did keep Tigertron from reaching it, she was stopped by Cheetor, who ironically used her own cyber venom against her. Not long after this she and Scorponok were once again sent out together, this time to secure a mysterious flying Island, which was built by the Aliens known as the Vok, that Terrorsaur and Waspinator hadVok Island Fortress found while chasing Tigertron. In the end she was able to betray Scorponok, and take control of the island. Yet again, if not for Tigertron, Blackarachnia would have used the power of the Island to, first destroy the Maximal Base, and then possibly turn on the rest of the Predacon's.

A short time later, when the spark of the long dead Decepticon warrior Starscream found its way into the Beast Wars by taking over the body of Waspinator, Blackarachnia was the only one among the Predacon's to actually look up his service record to learn that he had lied to Megatron about the destruction of his body (he stated that he had been destroyed by Unicron in the process of protecting Galvatron, when in fact he had been blasted by Galvatron for his treachery), but decided to play along with him for the time being. Though they had taken the Starscream ReturnsMaximal base by using the information that Starscream provided, the Decepticon double crossed Megatron when it appeared that the Maximal's, who needed to use the CR Chamber to repair Dinobot, surrendered to him. After taking both Dinobot and Optimus Primal hostage, he ordered the rest of the Maximal's to attack the Predacon base. Blackarachnia went along with this deception, until it was no longer convenient for her to do so, then turned on Starscream when the Decepticon least expected it.

Sometime after this incident, a fourth stasis pod made planet fall, and the first on the scene was Tarantulas and Blackarachnia. Though Tarantulas, who was working towards his own agenda instead of Megatron's, was able to reprogram the Protoform inside the pod so that it would be a Predacon instead of a Maximal, he was to late to help it select a beast form, which he had hoped would be another spider. When it emerged from the pod it was learned that the new Predacon had taken on the form of a fire ant and called itself Inferno, and, thinking that the pod was its colony, attacked the two spiders. As it turned out Tarantulas, for a yet unknown reason, only wanted the pod, and when Airazor showed up to try and secure the pod for the Maximal's, Tarantulas took the opportunity to steal the pod for himself, but fortunately the pod was destroyed a short time later by Tigertron.

Not long after this Megatron asked Blackarachnia to look into a disturbance in the transwarp drive. It didn't take her long to realize what had happened, and that, little to her surprise, Tarantulas was behind it. Blackarachnia confronted him about it, and the too of them came to an understanding when she realized that the reason he had been so interested in the Stasis pod that Inferno came in was because Tarantulas wanted a lifeboat off the planet when the Vok returned. Knowing that he was also her ticket off the planet, Blackarachnia helped Tarantulas break into the only other place that he could get a functional stasis pod, without waiting for the next one to make planet fall, the Maximal Base.

After taking care of Rhinox and Dinobot, the only two Maximal's on duty at the time, the two spiders went straight for the stasis hold. Little did they know that Megatron had sent Inferno to keep and eye on them, and, without understanding what he was doing, or how it worked against Megatron's plan, deactivated Tarantulas before he was deactivated himself by Blackarachnia. Knowing that if Tarantulas had been right about the aliens, Blackarachnia knew that her only chance to survive was to download the Datatrax that he was using and finish the job herself.

A short time later, just as she completed work on the pod, she was discovered by Rattrap and Airazor, and forced to reprogram the pod to interface with Optimus Primal, so that he could use it to destroy the Vok's orbiting weapon. Unfortunately neither Tarantulas or Blackarachnia knew that Megatron had placed a command override program into the transwarp cell, and thus he was able to take control of the pod, and use it in the same way that Optimus Primal planned to use it, the only difference was, that in Megatron's plan the pilot didn't escape. So though the plan worked, and the weapon was destroyed, Optimus Primal was lost in the process.

Knowing that she would be blamed by the Maximal's for the loss of their leader, Blackarachnia escaped the first chance that she got and tried to leave the base, only to be stopped by Tarantulas, who's core consciencness she had inadvertently downloaded when she had interfaced with him, and ordered to retrieve his body before leaving the base. Doing so, she got out of the base just as the new Transmetal Megatron began his own attack, and though his first impulse was to slag her for her treachery, she convinced him to spare her, especially since he had lost both Terrorsaur and Scorponok in the aftermath of the destruction of the VokThe Golden Disc 1 weapon. Unfortunately for her though, Tarantulas forced her to flee with his body, and the two of them returned to what was left of his lair to restore him to his body, which was also now, like Megatron's, Transmetal.

Despite being back in his own body though, Tarantulas still maintained a psychic link between the two of them, and while he went off to join Megatron and the other Predacon's in fighting the Maximal's, Blackarachnia was forced to stay at the base and search for any information about the first Golden Disk, which Dinobot had just stolen from the base. Though she did find some information in Megatron's backup data tracks, Blackarachnia fought to keep Tarantulas from seeing it, and when she got a brief moment to herself, took the opportunity to download the information into herself, and then destroyed the last files of it.

Not long after this, while on a mission with Tarantulas and the new Fuzor Predacon Quickstrike, Blackarachnia was able to convince Tarantulas to sever the link between the two of them, thus freeing her from his control. It is also during this mission that she meets the newest Maximal, a Fuzor named Silverbolt, who will soon become a major part of her life.

In the weeks and months that followed, Blackarachnia and Silverbolt would develop a romantic, and not to mention forbidden, relationship with each other. When the transwarp wave that was created by the destruction of the Vok weapon reached Cybertron, and the Predacon's sent a ship, under the command of former Decepticon and Predacon Covert agent, Ravage, Blackarachnia took the chance to use the information that she downloaded from the now destroyed Golden Disc, and headed for the Volcano that housed the 4 million year refuge of the Autobot's and Decepticon's, the Ark. However, in an attempt to bring her back, in the hope that she would agree to be reprogrammed as a Maximal, Silverbolt went after her, and helped her to dig out an entrance to the Arks resting place.

By this time though, Megatron, who had convinced Ravage to help him carry out the plans of the original Megatron, had been defeated by Optimus and the other Maximal's and was now on his way to the Ark. When he arrived, he forced Blackarachnia to give him access to the ship, and while she kept the Maximal's busy, he proceeded into the main chamber and blasted Optimus Prime with all the energy that he could spare, thus causing a tare in the fabric of space and time. Realizing that if the Maximal's were destroyed she would be as well, Blackarachnia switched sides and helped them to save Prime. With this, and the knowledge that she would never be accepted in the Predacon's again, as well as her relationship with Silverbolt, Blackarachnia defected over to the Maximal's.The Cyber Raptor

As the Beast Wars dragged on to its inevitable conclusion, Blackarachnia started looking for anything that would give her a better chance to survive the war. This chance came when Megatron set loose a group of Cyber Raptors on the Early Humans. A Product of Cybertronian technology mixed with what changed several Maximal's and Predacon's into Transmetals, Blackarachnia began to study the technology that went into their creation. But a real break didn't come until Megatron used an alien device, which he dubbed the Transmetal Driver, to take the Transmetal technology to the next level and created a new Transmetal 2 Dinobot. Fortunately for the Maximal's Cheetor and the newly arrived Depth Charge were able to take the driver away from the Predacon's. During the battle though, Cheetor was caught in an explosion and transformed into a Transmetal 2 himself.

After seeing the kind of power that these new transformers had Blackarachnia wanted that kind of power for herself, and attempted to use the driver to change herself into a Transmetal 2. When Silverbolt showed up and stopped her though it damaged the shell program that Tarantulas had used to turn her into a Predacon, meaning that the shell program had to be removed. Though she didn't like the idea of becoming a Maximal, Blackarachnia hated the alternative of devolving into the state of being brain-dead even more, and after giving the codes to the Ark to Optimus Primal, she allowed them to carry out the procedure.

Unfortunately Tarantulas had rigged the program with a warning system that would alert him if it was ever tampered with. he immediately alerted Megatron, and with his approval led a group of Predacon's to stop the Maximal's from succeeding in Blackarachnia's reprogramming, and despite opposition from the Maximal's they succeeded in extinguishing her spark, or so they thought. Somehow the Transmetal Driver not only brought her back to life, but also granted Blackarachnia's Transmetal Driverwish to become a Transmetal 2, and on top of that finished what Rhinox had set out to do and reprogrammed her as a Maximal. Blackarachnia then went off to save Silverbolt, who had gone after Tarantulas to avenge her death, only to have Rampage sneak up on him.

Aside from the new body, Blackarachnia soon learned that she had also gained at least one ability that she had not had before, telekinetic powers, and she put this new power to good use when the Predacon's were able to gain control of Optimus Primal's body in order to gain entry into the Ark, where Megatron, in an attempt to gain the kind of power that Primal had when he housed Optimus Prime's spark during the repairs, removed the spark of his namesake in order to gain new powers. After returning to base and being captured by the Predacon's, Blackarachnia was left in the tender care of Rampage. Thanks to her new telekinetic powers, she was able to escape Rampage, and free Optimus Primal from the device that was being used to control him. Together they headed for the Ark in order to stop Tarantulas from completing his own plans, and were the first to meet Megatron's new Dragon form.

While Primal dealt with Megatron, Blackarachnia entered the Ark and found that Tarantulas had started an overload of the ships engines. After trying every trick that she knew, Blackarachnia was left with only one option, and that was to try and download a virus into Teletraan 1, and hope that it would cancel to overload. With only seconds left, the virus idea worked, and Blackarachnia went on to free the other Maximal's, who in turn added their firepower to Optimus Primal's, and drove Megatron away, albeit with the spark of his predecessor still locked inside of him.

Blackarachnia didn't participate in the final battle of the Beast Wars, as she, along with Cheetor, escorted a badly damaged Silverbolt back to the base after he took the full force of an explosive trap that Depth Charge had set off. She did however try to assist Rhinox in his attempts to fire up the Arks engines when it became clear that they might have to move the ship in order to protect it from Megatron, who had taken control of the Decepticon war ship The Nemesis. At the conclusion of the battle Blackarachnia along with the other surviving Maximal's left Prehistoric Earth on board the Autobot shuttle that they had found, and had used to defeat Megatron, and end the Beast Wars. And though many would think that this would be the end of the story for Blackarachnia, it was in fact only the beginning of her adventures.


To be Continued in the Beast Machines Section!


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