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Tarantulas Robot Mode


Beast Form: Tarantula

Tarantulas Beast Mode
Tarantulas TM Robot Mode Tarantulas TM Beast Mode


Perhaps one of the most cunning and treacherous Predacon's of all time, even to the point of rivaling the Decepticon Starscream, Tarantulas was one of the 5 Predacon's that Megatron recruited to steal the golden disc from the Maximal's. What Megatron didn't know though was that Tarantulas was actually a member of the Predacon secret police force and had been specially assigned by the Tripredacus Council to keep an eye on him. However when Megatron's plans ended up stranding himself and his crew on Prehistoric Earth Tarantulas decided, for the timeTemperal Probe being, to continue the deception and thus took on the beast for of the deadly Tarantula, to which he also took on some of the characteristics of. 

Tarantulas's skills would be used on a number of occasions, most notably when he reprogrammed two of the Maximal Protoforms into Transformation Locking LensePredacon's. These Protoforms became Blackarachnia and Inferno. Tarantulas was also responsible for coming up with several of the Predacon's most devious devices, such as the transformation locking lens, a device that was based on the Decepticon Tansfixitron weapon, which allowed the Predacon's to stop the Maximal's from contacting a Temporal Probe that had entered the system in search of Optimus Primal and his crew, and the another of his inventions was an Energy discharge virus that he infected Rhinox with.

However, all this was just a ploy to divert attention away from his true agenda, which was to get off of the planet by any means he could. This attitude was brought on sometime after theEngery Discharge Virus second Vok device was found on a floating island. Tarantulas had somehow deduced that the aliens that had created that device would soon enough return, and destroy anything that they didn't wish to be there, if not the entire planet itself. His fears seemed to be confirmed when Inferno returned from a special mission with a second Golden disc, this one of alien manufacture.

This forced Tarantulas to team up with Blackarachnia in order to gain entry to the Maximal base and steal one of their spare stasis pods, which he then, armed with a transwarp cell from the Darkside's engine room, proceeded to build an escape pod. Unfortunately for the spider there were several variables that was working against him. The first was that Blackarachnia was planning to betray him and take the pod for herself, second was that Inferno had followed them into the maximal base and blasted Tarantulas into stasis lock, and the last was that Megatron, who had by now figured out that Tarantulas was working behind his back, had programmed the transwarp cell that the spider had stolen with an override command that would allow him to remote access the pods systems and take control. In the end through, neither Tarantulas or Blackarachnia was in control of the ship, it was Optimus Primal, who planned to use the pod to destroy the alien weapon that was threatening the planet, and it was he that Megatron blew up with the weapon.

As a result of the destruction of the alien device, the planet was hit by a quantum wave that ended up mutating many of the Maximal's and Predacon's, including Tarantulas, into new Transmetal bodies. However when this happened, Tarantulas wasn't even in his body, but in Blackarachnia's, who, as a result of his deactivation by Inferno, was forced to finish the escape pod. But to do this she needed to access his core consenence and retrieve the proper data tracks. during this process she inadvertently downloaded him into herself. He forced her to retrieve his body, and then take it back to the Predacon base where the two of them proceeded to restore his consciencness back to his new body. Unfortunately for Blackarachnia, Tarantulas had kept a psycic link between the two of them, and while he went off to join Megatron in fighting the Maximal's, Blackarachnia was left behind to try and find any information on theDawn of Doom two golden discs, which Dinobot had stolen a short time earlier.

At one point in the battle though Tarantulas was knocked off line for a few moments, and Blackarachnia was able to find, download, and destroy all backup files of the discs. Not long after this Tarantulas was put in charge of establishing a refueling station with Blackarachnia and the new Predacon Fuzor Quickstrike. It was during this time that Tarantulas deduced what Blackarachnia had done with the Golden Disc information, but was forced to break their psychic link when she placed both their sparks in danger of being extinguished. Though he was furious about this turn of events, Tarantulas's attention was soon drawn away when Rattrap and the new Maximal Silverbolt tracked them down. This turn of events worked in the spiders favor though, as he was able to place a few small charges in the cave, and set them off to mimic a missile attack. This ensured that after the battle neither side would think to look for him there, as he made it his new lair.

Not too long after this, the Vok once again made an appearance on prehistoric Earth, this time abducting Tigertron and Airazor. Meanwhile Tarantulas had decided that he had had enough of Megatron, and, in front of all the other Predacon's, declared his independence from the tyrant, but at the same time offering to help him to secure the newest alien device when it appeared. However after he did this Megatron betrayed him, and he joined forces with the Maximal's in order to not only stop Megatron, but also to destroy the alien device (which more then likely fell into the parameters of his original mission).Beast Wars Ravage

When Cybertron finally arrived, thanks in large part to the quantum surge created by the destruction of the orbital device, in the form of the former Decepticon Ravage, Tarantulas disabled the power grid of the Predacon base, thus allowing the Maximal's to take it as well as capturing Megatron himself. Ravage later revealed who the spy was in his group to the Predacon leader, a piece of information that he seemed to have not figured out himself. When Megatron was able to convince Ravage to join him, Tarantulas followed along, and was blown up, along with the former Decepticon, by Rattrap when he boarded their ship and tossed a couple of bombs right at the spider.

Unfortunately this was not the end of Tarantulas, as he was rebuilt soon after by the arachnid drones that he used, and went back to work for Megatron, where he returned to the duties that he performed before he left the Predacon's. It was during this time that he again either helped with or created some of the Predacon's most devious devices, including a new cyber venom specifically designed to impair Optimus Primal's new body, as well as helping to build a by-polar disruptor ray that would destroy all the Maximal's guarding the Ark, and the Cyber Raptors that led to the development of Transmetal 2Cyber Raptor Technology. He also alerted Megatron when it was discovered that the Maximal's were attempting to remove the shell program that he had put into place on Blackarachnia, which in the end resulted in her own evolution to Transmetal 2.

However his most devious device was a suit that would allow the Predacon's to take control of Optimus Primal's body, thus allowing Megatron to gain access to the Ark, so that he could attempt to gain more power by combining his spark with that of the Original Megatron, the exact same thing that Primal did to gain his new body. This however proved to be an opportune time for Tarantulas, who had convinced Quickstrike to join him, to try and overthrow Megatron by dumping him into the lava lake that surrounded the Ark. Tarantulas then proceeded to try and overload the Arks engines. Unfortunately for the arachnid he had not planned on Megatron emerging from the lava with a new and much more powerful Dragon form. Despite being burned to a crisp by his former leader, Tarantulas still managed to escape, only to find out that the Maximal's had somehow stopped the overload, thus preventing the Ark's destruction.

Knowing that he could not return to the Predacon base, he went back to his lair, where he continued work on a secret project until the aliens returned for the last time to stop the damage to the timeline that was being caused by the Beast Wars. This time Tarantulas was ready for them, and when they arrived in the form of a transformer called Tigerhawk, he captured the robot and took him back to his lair, where, according to data tracks supplied by Cheetor (who had been led there by the sparks of Tigertron and Airazor), reveled his ultimate plan, which was to destroy the Ark and all the Transformers on it. When confronted by Tigerhawk about the insanity of this plan, particularly about the part where Tarantulas himself would be destroyed as well, he replied that he, along with the Tripredacus Council, was not Cybertronian, and therefore wouldn't be effected by the destruction of the timeline.

Tarantulas then proceeded to remove the alien influence from Tigerhawk, only to be confronted by the aliens that had been in control of the body. When he learned what was happening, Tarantulas tried to stop the aliens, now known to him as the Vok, resulting in not only their destruction, but his own well when a stray weapons blast hit the device that he was using to extract them from Tigerhawk, and redirected its beam at himself. Though his spark was extinguished on that day, it was soon reveled the Tarantulas's secret project was non other then restoring the wreckage of the downed Decepticon warship, The Nemesis, to working order, too which Megatron tried to use against the Maximal's in the final battle of the Beast Wars.

On another note though, it has been speculated as too what Tarantulas meant by his claim that he and the Tripredacus Council were not of Cybertronian origin, but as the Sparks of the council members were lost during the Spark Wars that followed the Beast Wars, we were never able to find out. Some have speculated that he was part of a group of Transformers that were left on Cybertron by Unicron in his last attempt to gain a new body, while other speculate that he was part of a group of infiltrators designed by the Quintesons before they were wiped out existence by a plague that they lost control of shortly after the Great Refit. In the end we may never know the true story behind that statement.


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