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Tigerhawk Robot Mode


Beast Form: Transmetal Tiger/Falcon combination


Tigerhawk Beast Mode


Created as an emissary to the Transformers on Prehistoric Earth by the mysterious Vok out of the exostructures of the Maximal's Tigertron and Airazor, Tigerhawk was sent to Prehistoric Earth to put an end to the interference of Megatron and his Predacon's. After destroying the Predacon base, and dealing with all of the other Predacon's, Tigerhawk was about to finish off Megatron when Optimus Primal showed up to try and stop him since the destruction of Megatron would cause the very destruction that the Vok wanted to prevent (this was due to the fact that Megatron still carried the Spark of the original Megatron with in him).

Not wanting to deviate from his mission, Tigerhawk used his incredible power to trap Optimus Primal under the ground, and was about to yet again finish off Megatron when he was stopped by Tarantulas. Tigerhawk awoke in the spiders layer, and was told that once he was purged of the alien influence, Tarantulas planed on using his body to destroy the Ark, thus ensuring a future for himself and those, who like himself, was not Cybertronian (it would be learned later that he was in fact part of a race of robots that the giant Transformer Unicron created at some point after he was destroyed by Rodimus Prime). Fortunately the procedure failed, and Tarantulas, along with the Vok that controlled Tigerhawk, were terminated.

Meanwhile elsewhere, the Sparks of Tigertron and Airazor found and communicated with Cheetor and led him to Tarantulas's layer, were he was able to rescue Tigerhawk's body before the place blew up. Optimus Primal, who had escaped his underground trap, found Cheetor and Tigerhawk just in time to watch as Tigertron and Airazor's sparks merged together and reactivated Tigerhawk. He then went on to join the Maximal's for the final battle of the Beast Wars.

Knowing that the Predacon's were at a disadvantage, now that their base was gone, the Maximal's went on the offensive and began to hunt them down. After tracking Megatron, Dinobot, and Rampage to the ruins of Tarantulas's layer, Optimus Primal, Tigerhawk and Depth Charge followed them underground were they learned that Megatron was after nothing less then the Ancient Decepticon Warship, The Nemesis. While Depth Charge followed them underwater, Optimus Primal and Tigerhawk followed in the air. And when a huge underwater explosion went off they thought that Depth Charge had succeeded in his mission, at the cost of his own Spark. But their worst fears were realized moments later when the Nemesis emerged from the water and opened attack.

Though he knew that he could never defeat the mighty warship, Tigerhawk non the less took it on by himself after sending Optimus back to the Ark. And though he was able to slow the Nemesis down for a few moments, thus buying his fellow Maximal's some much needed time, he was eventually overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the warship, and his spark was extinguished.

Though he was only with the Maximal's for a short time, not counting the time he spent as Tigertron and Airazor, Tigerhawk will forever be remembered by those that knew him as a courageous and noble warrior that went above and beyond his own programming.


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