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Tripredacus Council


The ruling body of the Predacon Alliance, the Tripredacus Council, learned a rouge Predacon named Megatron might be getting ready to cause problems that The Tripredacus Councilcould jeopardize the peace treaty that was in existence between the Maximal's and Predacon's. In response they sent out one of their agents to join Megatron's crew and spy on him. This agent, who eventually became Tarantulas succeeded in joining the crew but was unable to stop Megatron from stealing the Golden Disc from the Maximal's.

Thinking that Megatron had been destroyed is some way, the council was surprised when an Earth year later their command station was hit by a transwarp wave that they were able to trace back to Megatron's ship. Ensuring that the Maximal sensors didn't pick up the wave, they sent off another agent, former Decepticon Ravage, to find Megatron and terminate him with extreme prejudice.

It was later learned, thanks to Cheetor and a conversation that he overheard between Tarantulas and the aliens known as the Vok, that the Council wasn't even Cybertronian in origin. Unfortunately, since all three members of the council were among the lost at the end of the Spark Wars, there was no way to determine what Tarantulas meant by that comment, and may continue to be a mystery for many eons to come.


Third Parties of the Beast Wars