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Airazor Robot Mode


Beast Form: Falcon

Airazor B


The third stasis pod that made planet fall held the proto form of Airazor in it. Struck by a small meteorite while in orbit the pod made planet fall and crashed in a Energon rich, but otherwise barren wasteland just inside of Predacon territory. Both Rhinox and Cheetor were the first Maximal's to spot the pod as it went in for a crash. At the Predacon base, Tarantulas had also detected the pods decent to the planet, and when he found out Megatron sent Scorponok and Blackarachnia to secure the pod for the Predacon's.

Rhinox, who just happened to be investigating the area, was the first to arrive on the scene, but his initial findings were notAirazor as Proto Form good. Both the meteor hit and the crash landing had damaged key systems that were crucial to the proto forms activation sequence, plus on top of that the proto forms spark was fading fast. Meanwhile, Tigertron, who Cheetor had contacted, was heading to the crash sight as fast as he could run, when he met up with Scorponok. Though Tigertron was able to stop Scorponok from going any further, he was ambushed by Blackarachnia and took a heave dose of her cyber venom. Back at the crash site, Cheetor had arrived, and found Rhinox already hard at work trying to save the proto form, only to, after donating some parts to help fix the pod, heading off to stop Blackarachnia.

Though he was successful in stopping Blackarachnia, ironically enough by giving her a dose of her own cyber venom, both Terrorsaur and Waspinator showed up, and though Cheetor was able to outsmart Waspinator, Terrorsaur got the drop on him. Meanwhile back at the pod, after failing to manually input the  activation sequence into the pods computer, Rhinox is left with no other choice then to download the activation sequence directly from himself. The plan worked, but Rhinox's systems were damaged in the attempt and he was forced to transform to beast form or risk going into stasis lock. Unfortunately though, the scanners couldn't find any life form in the area, that is until a lone falcon flew through the area. Fortunately forAirazor Multi pic Rhinox this happened just as Terrorsaur found the pod and was about to finish him off.

Expecting a ground based Maximal, Terrorsaur was caught off guard when he was suddenly grabbed by a giant falcon and slammed into the side of a cliff, and just as surprised to find that the new Maximal was a female that made short work of him, literally blasting him into pieces that littered the ground. From that point on Airazor was not only a welcomed bit of additional air support for the Maximal's, but also an eager and skilled warrior, often times teaming up with either Optimus Primal or Tigertron to accomplish her missions, as in the case of the flying island, which turned out to be yet another alien (later to be known as the Vok) structure. Injured and unable to fly, Airazor relied on Tigertron to help her get around the many booby traps that were scattered throughout the island. Another case was when she and Optimus Primal had to give a fleeing Tigertron air support from the Predacon's, without using weapons. In the end she was the bait for Inferno while Optimus flew around behind the Predacon and yanked out the wire that controlled his flying device.

When the Vok tried to destroy everything on the planet with their orbital super weapon, Airazor volunteered to fly the stasis pod up to the device and detonate the transwarp cell in it, since a flier was the only bot that stood a chance of getting clear of the ship before it detonated, and was one of the transformers that were not protected in some way that was unaffected by the quantum surge that mutated the superstructures of several other units. It was possibly for this reason that she and Tigertron went off to find out what had happened to the rest of the planet as a result of the Vok weapon.

Unfortunately, both Airazor and Tigertron were captured not long after they began their mission by the Vok, and taken to their sector of space. Later on the super structures, minus their Sparks, of both Maximal's would be used to create the Vok emissary Tigerhawk. However both sparks follow the new transformer back to Prehistoric Earth, and after Tarantulas removes the aliens that control Tigerhawk, they merge together and take over the body. Unfortunately, Tigerhawk is destroyed a short time later while trying to stop the Nemesis, the Decepticon warship that shop down the Ark, and Megatron from destroying everything on the planet.

Airazor will be long remembered by her comrades for her quick actions, and graceful ways, for her fierceness in battle, but also for her sense of humor outside of it. It has been hoped by those that served with her during the Beast Wars that she now flies the open skies of the Matrix without a worry in the world.


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