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Beast Form: Rhinoceros



One of the original four members of the command crew of the Axalon, Rhinox took on the form of the mighty Rhinoceros when the ship was forced to make the crash landing on Prehistoric Earth. Since that time he has become the go to bot for the Maximal's, for both brains and brawn, in their battles with the Predacon's, And though he has displayed a natural leadership ability, he would rather much rather stay back and, as he put it, smell the flowers. In fact Megatron at one time thought that Rhinox would make just as valuable a member of the Predacon team as he was with the Maximal's, and reprogrammed him as a Predacon. Though a short time later regretted this action when Rhinox, who's aggression sub routings were pushed over there limits by the reprogramming, soon tried to take command of the Predacon's forcing Megatron to restore Rhinox's original Maximal programming. Needless to say he never tried this trick again.

One of his many duties in the Maximal base was the creation of defense systems to protect the ship in case of Predacon attack. With this he created Sentinel, a defense program that helps to protect the base both inside and out incorporating protective elements like, zero friction fluid in conjunction with tangler and stun guns to finish them off, on the inside, and automated guns and a nearly indestructible defensive shield for the outside. He has also come up with ways to break through the Energon interference that was created by all the raw Energon that was located around the planet. He also was in charge of analysis of the alien Disc that Dinobot stole from Megatron after the destruction of the alien weapon, as well as combining  Autobot and Maximal tech when the location of the Ark was discovered.

Among all the things that Rhinox perhaps two of his greatest accomplishments was the retrieval of Optimus Primal's Spark from the matrix after he was killed by Megatron while attempting to destroy the Alien Weapon. The second was attempting to lead Cheetor, Rattrap, and Dinobot back to the base, after all of them had been blinded by an Energon explosion caused by Scorponok. Ultimately this ended in all of them going into emergency Stasis Lock, but not before they were found by Optimus Prima and Tigertron. Finally was when he took over the repairs of Optimus Prime after he had been critically damaged by Megatron, thus preserving the time line as they knew it.

During the final battle with the Predacon's, Rhinox was forced to utilize a plan to try and move the Ark to a different location when the Decepticon warship Nemesis was located by Megatron and headed right for the Volcano, but was unable to bring the engines back on line. Fortunately at the last minute the Transmetal 2 clone of Dinobot sent schematics for the Ark to the Maximal's which reveled something about the ship that non of them knew about, the existence of a shuttle in the hold area. Taking the controls of this shuttle, Rhinox flew it right through the bridge of the Nemesis, and sending the mighty war ship to its final resting place, were it would remain undisturbed until shortly after the reactivation of the Autobot's and Decepticon's in the Earth year 1984.

After the battle, while Optimus Primal forced Megatron to return the spark of the Original Megatron to its rightful owner, Rhinox fitted the Autobot shuttle with a transwarp cell, and, along with the rest of the surviving Maximal's bid far well to prehistoric Earth as they headed for Cybertron. But this is not the end of Rhinox's story, only the beginning of its next chapter.


To be Continued in the Beast Machines Section!


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