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Terrorsaur Robot Mode


Beast Form: Pterodactyl

Terrorsaur Beast Mode


One of the five Predacon's that helped Megatron to steal the Golden Disc from the Maximal's, Terrorsaur chose the extinct dinosaur Pterodactyl as his beast form after their ship crashed onto Prehistoric Earth. Though he was valued in the Predacon's for his flying ability, often times being teamed up with Waspinator, and later on Inferno, for missions, Terrorsaur on several occasions attempted to overthrow Megatron and become the leader of the Predacon's. Two of the most notable instances of this was first when he discovered a floating mountain that huge amounts of unstable Energon on it. When he transformed to scan one of the crystals, he was knocked into a cluster of them by a feedback pulse, and became super charged. Taking advantage of his newfound power Terrorsaur headed straight back to the Predacon base, where, too the utter shock of the other Predacon's, he easily defeated Megatron in one on one combat.

The Charge that he received from the Energon was unstable though and he had to return to the mountain right after his victory over Megatron. Meanwhile, Cheetor, who had witnessed the entire battle returned to the Maximal base to report what he had seen to Optimus Primal, who in turn immediately headed off with Rattrap to destroy the mountain before Terrorsaur could use its powers to mount an attack on them. Despite some interference from Tarantulas, who had followed Terrorsaur to the mountain after he had defeated Megatron, Optimus Primal and Rattrap were successful in their mission to destroy the mountain, and Terrorsaur was forced to limp back to the Predacon base only to find that Megatron was back online, and not in a very good mood. Terrorsaur's second attempt to take control of the Predacon's happened just after he and Waspinator had secured the second Stasis Pod to make planet fall, thus adding the equally lovely and dangerous Blackarachnia to the ranks of the Predacon's. After intercepting a communication from Rattrap, who was scouting out an area that was inside of Predacon territory, courtesy of a stolen Maximal Communications chip, Terrorsaur was sent to investigate. When he arrived, he found Rattrap, who quickly swore to follow Terrorsaur's orders without question.

What Terrorsaur didn't realize was that Rattrap was only acting out the part of a traitor so that he could get inside of the Predacon base and retrieve the chip. In the end Terrorsaur literally lost his head in battle, as well as any respect he might have had from any of the other Predacon's, for both his poor leadership and gullibility as far as Rattrap is concerned. However, this did not stop the Predacon from, on at least two occasions, trying to form alliances with other transformers to try and overthrow Megatron. Eventually though he did learn his lesson, and gave up trying to become the Predacon's leader.

It also didn't take long for Terrorsaur to meet his match in the skies when the third Maximal Protoform made planet fall. He arrived at the scene just in time for Airazor to appear, and after a short battle in the sky the battle ended with Terrorsaur's body parts littering the ground. He also had his most humiliating defeat when both he and Waspinator were shot out of the sky by Rattrap, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Dinobot, who were not only badly damaged by an Energon explosion, but were also blind as well.Scorponok and Terrorsaur Fall to Their Doom

In the end, Terrorsaur was one among the Predacon's that took shelter in their base when the Aliens known as the Vok unleashed their orbital super weapon on the planet, not to mention bore witness to Megatron's greatest victory as he sent Optimus Primal to his doom when he decided to use a transwarp rigged Stasis Pod to destroy the weapon. This was however one of the last things that he witnessed, as when the resulting quantum wave hit the Predacon base the platform that he was riding collided with the one that was being ridden by Scorponok, and both Predacon's fell to their doom in the Lava pit below, extinguishing both sparks forever.


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