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Spike Witwicky

Species: Human

Allegiance: Autobot's

Special Characteristics: Mechanic/Earth Ambassador


In the entire history of Cybertron, no one individual has done more to help the Autobot's in their cause than Spike Witwicky and his family.  Spike and his father Sparkplug first met the Autobot's when the Decepticon's attacked that oil platform that they worked on.  When Megatron blasted the support beams out and ignited the oil, Optimus Prime came to their aid.  From that moment on neither of their lives would ever be the same again.

Though not as adept at mechanics as his father, Spike helped the Autobot's in other ways, including being their unofficial expert on everything having to do with Earth.  It was Spike that helped the Autobot's learn about Dinosaurs so that they could build the Dinobots, and helped them to understand aspects of human culture such as Sports, Music (he did this more with Blaster and Jazz whose hearing was not as sensitive as the other Autobot's), and the history of the planet.  It is also believed that it was Spike that introduced the Autobot's to Chip Chase, though it is not known how he and Chip met in the first place.

Spike is also the only known human to ever have his mind transferred to a Transformer.  This happened sometime in the later half of 1985 (the Autobot Xexact date is note known at this time) when Spike was critically  injured during a Decepticon attack.  In order for the doctors to perform a complicated operation on him, Spikes mind was transferred into the body of Autobot X, a failed attempt of Sparkplug's to create an Autobot made by human hands.  Though at first it seemed like the transfer had worked, over a short period of time Spike began to forget who and what he was, making him susceptible to Decepticon manipulation, that turned him against his friends.  Fortunately Sparkplug was able to get through to Spike before he did any real damage.  Shortly after this incident Spikes mind was transferred back into his own body (it is not known what ever happened to the body of Autobot X).

It wasn't long after this that Spike met up with Carly (records of her maiden name could not be located) while fetching a part for Wheeljack's new Immobilizer, a device that could freeze in place anything, changing it into substance that not even Brawn could punch through.  Unfortunately though the device soon fell into the hands of the Decepticon's.  After Carly helped to stop the Immobilizer, she and Spike ended up going out on their first date, and after that they were inseparable.

Spike and Carly finally got married in the Earth year 1993, and a year later Carly gave birth to their first (and only) child, a boy which they named Daniel.  Then in the Earth year 1999, Spike left Carly and Daniel to help the Autobot's put together bases on Cybertron's 2 moons, as part of the plan to retake the planet, and by late 2004, Spike was manning the 2nd moon base with his old friend Bumblebee.

Everything ran smoothly on the moon bases, until late in the Earth year 2005, when Megatron lead an attack on Autobot City on Earth, killing 4 Autobot's (Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl, and Brawn) in the process.  Optimus Prime left Moon Base 1 with a team of Autobot's to try and stop Megatron.  Word came not all that long after that he had fallen in battle with Megatron.  This news, as sad as it was, was soon put out of Spike's mind when Moon Base 1 was devoured, along with Jazz and Cliffjumper, by the monster transformer Unicron.  When it was clear that Unicron was not satisfied with the first moon, Spike and Bumblebee set an explosive charge in an attempt to stop the monster.

Though the moon did detonate inside of Unicron's (for lack of a better term) mouth, no noticeable damage was spotted, and their shuttle was pulled into Unicron, were Spike and Bumblebee would share the same fate as Jazz and Cliffjumper.  Fortunately, just before Spike and the 3 Autobot's were dumped into a vat of acid, Daniel, who had found his way into Unicron with Hotrod, Kup, Springer, and Arcee, found and save them from a most gruesome fate.  The 5 of them then began to make their out of Unicron, eventually running into the other Autobot's just as Unicron began to fall apart.  When they finally ran into Hotrod, they had found that he had been changed into Rodimus Prime, the new leader of the Autobot's.  Spike and Daniel rode to safety inside of him, were the Autobot's were able to take advantage of the disorganization that the Decepticon's were thrown into by Unicron's attack, and took back Cybertron.

Not long after this, Spike and Carly were made official Ambassadors to Cybertron by Earths governments, and as their first official duty, represented Earth at the first Intergalactic Olympic Games.  The games though were interrupted when a Skudzoid set off an explosive charge that filled the stadium with smoke, which created a proper distraction for Spike along with Ultra Magnus and Kup to be captured by, at the time, unknown forces.  They were taken to the planetoid Quintessa, were they were put of trial by the Quintessons.  A rescue party led by Rodimus Prime, saved them, only to have Quintessa be blown up in their faces in an attempt to destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.  Fortunately this plan backfired and they all were sent on a direct course to one of the Goo Planetoids, were they learned that Galvatron (Megatron's new form courtesy of Unicron) was alive and well.  In a turn of Luck for the group, Wreck-Gar and his fellow Junkions came to their rescue before Galvatron could harm them in any way.

After Spike and the Autobot's returned to Cybertron, the Decepticon's, being misled by the Quintessons about the existence of a Decepticon Matrix of Leadership, attacked planet.  This gave the Quintessons the time that they needed to send in a commando team of Sharkticons to find a lever that would immobilize every last Transformer in the galaxy.  Their plan failed though when Spike destroyed the panel that housed the lever, thus freeing all of the Transformers and forcing the Quintessons to once again flee the planet.

Spikes duties after that remained mostly diplomatic in nature, though he did help the Autobot's out from time to time, just like in the old days.  His biggest help to the Autobot's though came in the Earth Year 2006, just after Optimus Prime was brought back from the grave to retake his role as leader of the Autobot's.  While fulfilling his duties as Earths Ambassador to Cybertron, he watched as Daniel took part in an experiment conducted by Brainstorm to see how plausible it was to combine humans and Autobot's together in order to make them twice as strong as they would be alone.  They soon were contacted by Optimus Prime that the Decepticon's had stolen the Key to the Plasma energy Chamber, and were headed their way.

Following Scourge to the chamber in a Shuttle, Spike and Daniel, along with the Hotrod, Blurr, Arcee, Kup, Brainstorm, Cerebros, Hardhead, Highbrow, Chromedome, Pointblank, Sureshot, and Crosshairs, arrived to late to stop him from opening the chamber.  Spike, with some help from Cerebros, were able to shut down the chamber, but not before a bolt of energy hit the shuttle, blasting it half way across the galaxy before they finally crashed on the planet Nebulos.  It was not long after this that the Autobot's were all captured by the planets machine hating resistance, and restrained by energy binders.

When the Decepticon's showed up to crash the party the leader of the resistance, Gort, chose to trust the Autobot's, and set them free of the energy binders.  This action was to little to late, as the Decepticon's first, severely injured Daniel, and then captured Hotrod, Kup, Blurr, Pointblank, Sureshot, and Crosshairs, running off with them.  The remaining Autobot's, except for Arcee and Cerebros, went after them, the members of the resistance closely behind them.  It wasn't long before they all returned, the Nebulans with a new respect for the Autobot's, and the Autobot's with a better understanding of why the Nebulans hated machines so much.

After Gort told the Autobot's about the Hive, a group of Nebulans that ruled Nebulos with the iron fist of their machine minions, it was decided that Brainstorms idea about combining human and Autobot was the only chance they had to get past the Hive machines, not to mention help Daniel who was currently hooked up to a life support machine.  All of the Autobot's, except for Cerebros who had decided that he never wanted to fight again, were in.  All 5 Autobot's then removed their heads so that Spike could make the proper adjustments, turning the Autobot's into Headmasters.

When the adjustments were made, Daniel, as per Arcee's request before removing her head, was placed in her head.  Gort was teamed up with Highbrow, Arcana, the oldest and wisest of the Nebulan resistance, chose Brainstorm as his partner, Duros, the combat veteran of the group chose Hardhead as his partner, and finally Stylor, a tactician in the group, chose Chromedome as his partner.  With Spike watching, the Autobot's and their new partners made short work of both the Hive machines and the Decepticon's, rescuing the other Autobot's and sending a message to the Hive at the same time.

On the way back to the caves that the rebels used as a hideout, the Autobot's ran into Cerebros, who had been badly damaged.  Before passing out he mentions something about a city.  Not long after the Decepticon's showed up at the caves, and reveled that they had made a deal with the Hive to become not only Headmasters themselves, but also Targetmaster's.  While they did take the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Autobot's, Brainstorm and Arcana were able to scan one of the Targetmaster's, giving them what they needed to make their own.  It was Spike that first suggested copying the idea with the remaining Autobot's with the 6 sharp shooters of the Nebulan resistance.

In the end, Spike and Brainstorm had teamed Hotrod with Firebolt, Kup with Recoil, Blurr with Haywire, Pointblank with Peacemaker, Sureshot with Spoilsport, and Crosshairs with Pinpointer.  The adjustments were finished just in time for Optimus Prime to show up and lead the Autobot Cerebtros Headmaster's and Targetmaster's against the combined force of the Decepticon's and the Hive.  It was during this battle that the Hive's leader Zarak unveiled the newest Decepticon Headmaster, Scorponok.  Once released, Scorponok captured Arcee and Daniel, who had taken the key from Scourge only moments before, and blasted off to Cybertron with all of the Decepticon's.

In a gamble to stop Scorponok, and save both Arcee and Daniel, Spike stayed on Nebulos with Cerebros to hunt down the city that he had found, believing it to be the lost city of the Hive that Arcana had told them about, and transformed it into the mighty Fortress Maximus.  He also changed Cerebros, against his wishes, into a Headmaster who would also become the head of Fortress Maximus.  When this was all finished, they set off for Cybertron.

When they finally arrived at Cybertron, which had been moved by Galvatron into orbit of Earth, Spike and Cerebros were able to disable Scorponok and blast their way inside of the monster.  Once inside, they found that Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobot's that were on Nebulos had been captured, and set them free.  By this time the Plasma Energy Chamber had been opened, and all of the energy was being absorbed by the sun.  Unable to come up with a plan to save both Earth and Cybertron, Spike found Optimus Prime, who told him that Vector Sigma had told him that a miracle would happen when Autobot's and organic beings merged together.  This gave Spike an idea.

Shedding his Exosuit, he instructed the Nebulans to do the same, and then had them reverse the operations of the thruster that Galvatron had used to move Cybertron.  He then went to shut off the Plasma Energy Chamber, and hook up a energy feed cable that led straight to Vector Sigma.  Once all of that was done, he activated the thruster, and pulled all of the energy that the sun had absorbed back, and then sent it to Vector Sigma.  The energy was enough to revitalize Cybertron back into the Golden Age that it had enjoyed so long ago.  As a fitting reward for a job well done, Optimus Prime placed Cerebros and the rest of the Head and Targetmaster's as the guardians of Nebulos so that they would never have to fight again.

In all of the history of Cybertron no being, whether Transformer or organic, has ever done as much as Spike Witwicky and his Family has.  Through their courage, dedication, and friendship, the Autobot's were able to defeat the Decepticon's and Cybertron was restored to the glory that it had not known for nearly 10 million Earth years.