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Chip Chase

Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Autobot's

Special Characteristics:  Boy Genius


Though he was confined to a wheelchair, Chip Chase was perhaps one of the Autobotís greatest friends during the first few years after they were reactivated.  Though it is not known how this boy genius and the Autobotís first met (we presume that Spike Witwicky might have known Chip, and introduced him to the Autobot's), it is known that his first real adventure with them was when Megatron attempted to gain the formula for Anti-Mater (a formula that Chip had helped to perfect).  Dr Alkazar (the man that Chip helped to perfect the formula) sent it to Chip for safe keeping when the Decepticonís broke into his lab.  Though Chip memorized the formula and then destroyed the disk that it was saved on, he was still captured by the Decepticonís and forced to give it to them.  Chip, with a little help from Spike helped to fix this mistake by activating an override device on Thundercracker, and forced him to use Megatron to stop the other Decepticonís.   

This accomplishment was only the start for Chip.  Chip also helped the Autobotís create 2 new Dinobots (Snarl and Swoop), track down the Decepticon Space Bridge and then go to Cybertron to help break into Wheeljackís workshop to get a part to repair Optimus Prime, aided the Autobotís in learning about Megatron's deception in his gladiatorial type battle with Optimus Prime, helped to counteract the effects of the Transfixatron (which trapped most of the Autobot's in vehicle mode), and many more as well.  

It is not known what happened to Chip between 1986 and 2005, but he will forever be known for his intellect, his bravery, and his friendship with the Autobotís in their fight against the Decepticonís.