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The Dinobots

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Name: Grimlock

Transformation: Tyrannosaurus-Rex


Name: Slag

Transformation: Triceratops


Name: Sludge

Transformation: Brontosaurus


Name: Snarl

Transformation: Stegosaurus


Name: Swoop

Transformation: Pterodactyl


After finding a cavern behind their base, the Autobot's, with the help of Spike Witwicky, began to learn about dinosaurs, gigantic creatures that once roamed the Earth millions of years before the Ark crashed.  Intrigued by these creatures, Wheeljack and Ratchet got permission from Optimus Prime to build robotic dinosaurs, and thus the Dinobots were born.  In the end, 3 Dinobots were presented to the other Autobot's, Grimlock a mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex, Slag a powerful Triceratops, and Sludge a timid Brontosaurus (or Apatosaurus).

Unfortunately, Wheeljack had not yet created an adequate intellect upgrade for the mammoth robots.  As a result of this, the 3 Dinobots went on a rampage through Autobot Headquarters, damaging several Autobot's and nearly destroying Teletran 1.  Though Wheeljack was able to regain control of the Dinobots, it was already to late, as Optimus Prime had deemed that the Dinobots were to dangerous to remain activated, and that they be buried forever.  Despite this, Wheeljack continued to work on the upgrades.  This proved to be a good thing, as Optimus Prime and several other Autobot's were captured by the Decepticons shortly after that, and the decision was made to reactivated the 3 Dinobots.  The upgrades worked, somewhat, and with the bruit force the 3 Dinobots added, Wheeljack was able to save the Optimus Prime and the other Autobot's, and defeat the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime then declared that he had been wrong about the Dinobots, and that they were now welcome to join the ranks of the Autobot's.

Not long after that, a meteor with unknown energies was spotted by Chip Chase, who immediately summoned the Autobot's.  It was decided that the Dinobots would also come with them to the impact site.  Once the meteor hit, Optimus Prime left Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge to guard the meteor in case the Decepticon's showed up to try and steel it.  On the way to Autobot Headquarters, Optimus Prime revealed his plan to have Wheeljack and Ratchet construct 2 more Dinobots.  Unknown to Optimus Prime, Soundwave was lurking nearby recording everything about the meteor.  Under Megatron's orders he then proceeded to do a mind scan of the Dinobots to see if any weaknesses could be found.   Megatron then used these weaknesses to bring the Dinobots to his side.

Meanwhile, with Spike and Chips help construction began on the 2 new Dinobots, Snarl a intimidating Stegosaurus, and Swoop a graceful Pterodactyl.  It was also determined that the energy in the meteor was unstable and that it could blow at any time.  Leaving the construction of the new Dinobots to the other Autobot's, Optimus Prime headed out to the impact site.  He arrived only to find that the meteor was gone, and that the Dinobots had been turned against them.  Though he put up a good fight, Optimus was eventually overcome by the Dinobots and taken to Megatron, who had begun to extract the energies from the meteor.  Shortly after that, Snarl and Swoop showed up, and a fight broke out between the 5 Dinobots.  The Fighting only ended when Optimus Prime, noticing that the meteor was about to explode, knocked Grimlock out of the way.  It was with this move that Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge learned whose side they belonged to, and swore to follow Optimus Primes orders.

After that, the Dinobots were used for a number of other missions.  When Cybertron was brought into Earths orbit, causing massive natural up evils, the Dinobots were called upon to try and stop them.  Though it was reluctantly, they did as they were told, and saved a city from a giant tidal wave.  They were also called upon by Teletran 1 when the Constructicons attempted to break into Autobot Headquarters to destroy the computer.  Unfortunately 2 problems always became obvious whenever the Dinobots were used.  The first was their size and simple intellect made then both clumsy and hostel.  This problem was solved when Bumblebee and Powerglide found a prehistoric island that was later named Dinobot Island.  It was there that the Dinobots were sent to train in a place with plenty of open space for them to work in.

Their training though soon turned real, when the Decepticons showed up to steal the rich energy resources on the Island.  Though they were trapped in a tar pit, the Dinobots soon escaped and called upon the living dinosaurs on the Island to help them stop the Decepticons and save the Autobot's that had come to try and stop them.  Though they had had little training on the Island, Optimus Prime invited the Dinobots to return to the Volcano with them, which they did so.  The second problem was that the Dinobots had begun to think that they were superior to the other Autobot's.  This was no more apparent than after they were badly damaged by the Decepticons, and left the base when they were needed the most.  The timing of this could not have been worse, because both the Autobot's and the Decepticon's began to malfunction do to the deterioration of a substance called Cybertonium, which was vital to the operational systems of all transformers, except for the Dinobots, who were built on Earth, and therefore had no Cybertonium inside of them.

Spike, Sparkplug, and Carly went after the Dinobots to try and get them to help recover some Cybertonium that Shockwave was sending over the spacebridge.  Instead of recovering the Cybertonium, the Dinobots decided to go to Cybertron, were they were captured, except for Swoop, and reprogrammed to work in the Cybertonium pits.  Spike and Carly went to Cybertron to find the Dinobots and get some Cybertonium, but, after they met up with and joined Swoop, they to were captured, and sent to the pit with the other Dinobots.  Carly was able to reprogram them, and they escaped returning to Earth with enough Cybertonium Energon Cubes to restore all of the Autobot's to full working order.  These 2 events helped to bring the Dinobots around to the way that the other Autobot's treated things, and at the same time they began to gain in intelligence, though it was still nowhere near to what the other Autobot's had.

In 2005, the Dinobots were stationed at Moon Base 1, and were among the Autobot's chosen to return to Earth and help with the Battle at Autobot City.  Though Snarl was not with them, the Dinobots still took on Devastator, though only Slag was able to really hurt the Decepticon warrior.  After Optimus Prime died, and Ultra Magnus had decided to try and stop Unicron before he destroyed Cybertron, the Dinobots were placed on a Shuttle with Kup and Hotrod.  When the Shuttle crashed on the planet Quintessa they were separated from Hotrod and Kup, but found a young Autobot named Wheelie, who told them were to find the other 2.

After the battle with Unicron, Grimlock was the only Dinobot that made any contribution to the Autobot's, including defeating Primacron, the being the built Unicron, and helping to destroy the monster Chaos.  All of them however  paled in comparison to the one that he made when, after being given super intelligence in an accident deep within Cybertron, Grimlock built the Technobots, and gave all of his intelligence to their combined form of Computron, thus returning to his original intellect and never regretting for a moment his decision.

Though the Dinobots were intellectually inferior to almost all other Transformers, their enduring quality was their brutish nature, which always seemed to help them more in the end than all of the intelligence in the universe could.

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