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Alpha Trion/A-3

Transformation: Unknown

A-3 Alpha Trion Young Alpha Trion Old


Many things have been said about Alpha Trion over the years.  One was that he was the oldest and wisest of all Autobot's.  Another that he was the father of all Autobot's.  Finally, that he was one of the greatest Autobot's in the entire history of Cybertron.  All of which can be confirmed in one way or another.

The part about Alpha Trion being the oldest and wisest Autobot comes from the fact that he is one of (if not the last one) the first generation robots to be given life by Vector Sigma.  He, known by A-3 at that time, along with a female Autobot named Beta, was one of the Autobot Leaders of the resistance against the Quintesson's Millions of Earth Years before the last Great War began.  And after that advised many Autobot Leaders until he merged with Vector Sigma in order to activated the newly built Aerialbots.  (It should be noted that A-3 was pulled into the Earth year 2006 by the Quintesson's in an attempt to stop the rebellion before it was able to succeed.  Though A-3 did change into Alpha Trion in plain sight of Superion, it was the Autobot Cassette Rewind that figured out who he was.)

Next, is the fact that he is the father of all Autobot's is taken from the fact that when Megatron began his attack on the Autobot's, a young and somewhat foolish robot named Orion Pax was brought to him by an, at the time, unknown group of Autobot's (we now know that it was the Aerialbots that did this), and rebuilt him into the great Optimus Prime.  It should also be noted that he also rebuilt Orion's girlfriend Arial (who became Elita-1), and his best friend Diode (it is unknown who he became if he was able to be rebuilt at all, though some believe that he was rebuilt into Kup or possibly even Ultra Magnus).  So this statement is accurate and at the same time inaccurate.  Though Alpha Trion did build Optimus Prime and Elita-1, he did not build every Autobot that fought in the Great War, but at the same time, his design for Optimus Prime and Elita-1 was used by other Autobot builders to create their army.

Finally, is the statement that he was one of the greatest Autobot's in the entire history of Cybertron.  This statement is based entirely on his contributions to the Autobot, not to mention Transformer, cause.  It was thanks to Alpha Trion that the ancient Transformers were able to break through of the bonds of imprisonment that the Quintessons placed on them, be using the Cona Remote, which deactivated the Guardian Robots that the Quintesson's used to suppress all of the Transformers.  His next accomplishment was as holder of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.  Though it is not known how long he held onto it before it was given to Optimus Prime, it was obviously several million Earth years.  His next great accomplishment (perhaps his greatest ever) was, of course, the rebuilding of Orion Pax and Arial into Optimus Prime and Elita-1, two of the greatest leaders (if not the greatest) in Autobot History.

Though Alpha Trion no longer has a physical form, it has been said that every Transformer that has been activated, since he Merged with Vector Sigma, has shown some of his intelligence and wisdom, It is in this way that the spirit of Alpha Trion lives in the very being of every Transformer.