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Autobot Cassettes

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Name: Eject

Transformation: Robot


Name: Ramhorn

Transformation: Rhino


Name: Rewind

Transformation: Robot


Name: Steeljaw

Transformation: Lion


In an attempt to even the odds with the Decepticons, the Autobot's created their own set of cassette Transformers using Blaster as their carrier and guardian.  In order to add some extra firepower to the group, they created Eject, a mild and timid Autobot, and Rewind, an intelligent Autobot that usually has an answer to any and all questions (Note: Both Autobot's were built from the same design, so therefore, except for their color, were almost identical.  It is for this reason that the images of both robots are the same), who could transform into standard robot mode.  They also created 2 animal based cassettes as well.  First is Ramhorn, a head strong rhino that is especially at home in battle, and finally Steeljaw, a Lion that can sniff out the location of anyone it has the sent for.

The Cassettes first real fight was in the fight for Autobot City in the year 2005 when Blaster called on them to fight the Decepticon Cassettes.  After that they were used on a more regular basis, though not in the same manner that the Decepticons used their Cassettes.

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