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The Aerialbots

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Name: Silverbolt

Transformation: SST Jet

Superion Part:  Torso


Name: Air Raid

Transformation: F-15 Fighter Jet

Superion Part:  Right Leg


Name: Fireflight

Transformation: F-4 Fighter Jet

Superion Part:  Left Leg


Name: Skydive

Transformation: F-16 Fighter Jet

Superion Part:  Right Arm


Name: Slingshot

Transformation: Harrier Jet

Superion Part:  Left Arm


Name: Superion

Function: Super Warrior


After failing to stop Megatron from infusing the Stunticons with life, Optimus Prime decided it was time to take the battle to the sky's.  With that, the Autobot's refitted several shuttles that they had found deep in Cybertron, into "Earth Style Planes", thus creating the Aerialbots.  Though at first this group of planes followed the lead of the other Autobot's, it was when they arrived on Earth that four of them, Slingshot, Air Raid, Fireflight, and Skydive, decided that they were better than the other Autobot's and left.  The last of them, Silverbolt (who Optimus Prime made the Aerialbots Leader), attempted to get them back.

Silverbolt was successful in bringing the Aerialbots back, just in time for them to reveal to the Decepticon's their ultimate form of Superion, and with a little help from Omega Supreme, was able to stop the Stunticons and their combined form of Menisor. Though the Aerialbots decided to work with the other Autobot's, they still could not understand why the Autobot's and Decepticon's were at war.  The answer to this question was given to them several weeks after they were activated when Teletran 1 picked up strange energy reading on Cybertron.  Deciding that they wanted another version of the evens that led to the war the Aerialbots allowed themselves to be led into a trap by Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp.  They were then sent back in time by Megatron thanks to his new time machine.

Sent back to the Golden age of Cybertron, the Aerialbots learned first hand what the Decepticons were really like when Megatron attacked a young and naive Autobot named Orion Pax.  They took Orion Pax to a repair bay operated by none other than Alpha Trion, who rebuilt Orion into Optimus Prime.  The Aerialbots then blew up an Energon storage warehouse in order to stop the Decepticon's from getting the vast energy stores.  Snagged by the time machine beam at the last minute, and returned to the future just in time to form Superion and stop a reactivated Guardian Robot from destroying the other Autobot's.  This experience showed the Aerialbots why the Autobot's and Decepticons fought, and why the war must go on.

With their loyalty to the Autobot cause now fortified, the Aerialbots became an intrigue part of the team, playing a key role in several missions both on and off Earth up to the Earth year 2002 when they were sent to Moon Base 1 with the Protectobots to help with the plan to take back Cybertron.  Fortunately, both groups had returned to Earth with Optimus Prime and were standing guard with at the Volcano.

After the Autobot's defeated Unicron, and retook Cybertron, the Aerialbots returned to their home planet to serve as the first line of defense in case the Decepticon's tried to retake the planet from them until the planets defenses were brought back on line.

             Among other missions that they were an intrical part of;

             They helped to rescue Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Spike from the Quinteson home planet of Quintessa.

             Locating the Decepticon City Tripticon.

             Acting as the primary defense line at a captured Quinteson base.

             Aerial defense force for Metroplex.

The Aerialbots were also selected to participate in a mission to reclaim Optimus Prime's body when it was learned that it was on Earth.  Along with Ultra Magnus and the Throttlebots, they were infected with the hate plague virus and while in their mad state badly damaged several other Autobot's as Superion.  When they were finally cured of the Hate Plague, the Aerialbots once again returned to Cybertron and were the first to engage the Decepticon's when they went there to open the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Unfortunately all of them were defeated by the Decepticon Six Shot before they were able to form Superion.  They were later revived with the other Autobot's that shared their fate when Cybertron was returned to its Golden Age.

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