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Species:  Skudzoid

Allegiance:  Whoever Pays the Most

Special Characteristics:  Mercenaries


It was once said by the Combaticon Swindle, that the Skudzoids would sell out to anyone for the right price, and he was right.  Though generally, this mercenary race sells their services to the Decepticon's, they have also been known to sell out to the Quintesons as well.  Some of the Jobs that these aliens have been hired for was:  

1:  The Capture of Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Spike Witwicky at the first Intergalactic Olympic Games.

2:  Blowing a E.D.C. station out of space with a weapon that used Chaos Crystals for ammo.

3:  Infecting Cybertron's core with Anti Electrons, thus causing every Autobot near them to malfunction.

4:  Hunting Down, and attempting to permanently deactivate Octane for disobeying Galvatron's orders (did not complete this mission).

It should also be noted that one of the Skudzoids formed a partnership with the alien Slizardo, though it is not known how this partnership was started.