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The Constructicons

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Name: Scrapper

Transformation: Pay Loader

Devastator Part:  Right Leg


Name: Hook

Transformation: Crane

Devastator Part:  Upper Torso


Name: Scavenger

Transformation: Steam Shovel

Devastator Part:  Right Arm


Name: Mixmaster

Transformation: Cement Mixer

Devastator Part:  Left Leg


Name: Long Haul

Transformation: Dump Truck

Devastator Part:  Lower Torso


Name: Bonecrusher

Transformation: Bulldozer

Devastator Part:  Left Arm

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Name: Devastator

Function: Super Warrior


Whenever the Decepticon's need something built, they always turn to the experts, The Constructacons.  It is ironic that this group of transformers started out not as Decepticons, but as Autobot engineers responsible for some of the most spectacular sights on Cybertron, their greatest masterpiece being Crystal City.  At that time, the Constructacons were also friends with a former Guardian Robot named Omega Supreme.  One day though, that all changed when Megatron used his Robosmasher to reprogram them into Decepticons.  It was then that, after luring Omega Supreme away, they destroyed Crystal City.

It was several weeks before they were finally tracked down by Omega Supreme, who trapped them, and then tried to reprogram them back to their old selves.  Unfortunately for Omega Supreme, this was a trap that the Constructacons had set up so that the Robosmasher would reprogram him as well.  It was here that the Constructacons reveled their new combined form of Devastator.  This new form though was ineffective, and Omega Supreme escaped total reprogramming.

Shortly after this incident, the Constructacons left Cybertron in order to flee Omega Supreme's vengeance against them, and eventually found their way to Earth were their ship crashed damaging all six of them.  Megatron found them, and rebuilt them to resemble Earth construction vehicles, and giving them their first job, building a machine that would transfer the powers of all the other Decepticons to him, thus giving him the advantage in his upcoming fight with Optimus Prime.  Megatron then sent them to destroy Teletran 1 so that the Autobot's would not uncover this deception (since it was against the rules to upgrade ones powers before the fight).

Fortunately, the Autobot's left the Dinobots at the base, and sensing its own danger, Teletran 1 activated them.  It looked as if the Dinobots had the advantage in the fight when they transformed to Dinosaur mode, that is until the Constructicons formed Devastator.  Shortly after this though, the other Autobot's learned of Megatron's deception, and joined the fight, forcing all of the Decepticon's into a fissure containing molten lava.  Unfortunately, this was not to be the end of either the Decepticon's or the Constructacons.

The Constructacons would go on to be the Decepticon's most powerful weapon until the Stunticons and the Combaticons joined their ranks, bringing with them the much more powerful Menisor and Bruticus.  However they still remained useful with their natural building and demolition talents.  Among some of their greatest creations for the Decepticon's were:

*The Transformation of New York City into a new Cybertron City.

*Dissembling Optimus Prime and then reassembling his parts into a robotic alligator.  Then hooking his gun hand to a remote control that was used to hold off the Autobot's from infiltrating their new HQ.

*The Transfixatron, a device that trapped most of the Autobot's in vehicle form, making them easier to capture, along with a monstrous machine that would turn them all into blocks of scrap metal.

*A giant drill that nearly destroyed the Earth by drilling down to its core.

*Clearing a path to, and then installing the Heart of Cybertron inside of Megatron (the last part was mainly Hooks doing).

*Helping Hoist and Grapple to build an energy tower that would harness the power of the sun into Energon (they then betrayed the 2 Autobot's by taking the tower from them and turning it over to Megatron).

*Building the Decepticon City Tripticon.

It should also be noted that while searching for answers to some of his questions inside the Matrix of Leadership, Rodimus Prime saw that the Constructacons were the ones that built Megatron's body.  It is highly believed that since they were still considered Autobot's at this time, they did not know what they were building and therefore did not understand what they had created until it was to late.

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