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Torq III


Torq 3 was a super computer created by the scientists at Quantum Labs to help out mankind.  Unfortunately, Megatron and the Decepticon's learned about Torq 3 and broke into Quantum Labs.  Megatron reprogrammed Torq with this own personality sub routines, and ordered the computer to take control of other machinery with the help of control chips.  When the Autobot's arrived on the scene, they were immediately attacked by military equipment under Torq 3's control.

After the Dinobots made short work out of the equipment, Optimus Prime went to confront Torq 3 alone.  Using a damaged control chip from the one of the destroyed pieces of military equipment, Optimus Prime walked right into Torq 3's operation room, and smashed the computer.  The Autobot's then took a prototype hydro foil to the Decepticon's base of operations, and pulled the plug on Megatron's plan once and for all.