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The Golden One

Species:  Manonian

Allegiance:  His People

Special Characteristics:  Wizard/Sorcerer/Leader


While trying to escape form one of his fathers diplomatic duties, Daniel , along with Grimlock, accidentally discover a hidden chamber which the Quintesons used to get rid of their criminals, and are transported to Manonia, were they meet the Red Wizard.  The Red Wizard persuades Grimlock to help him defeat the forces that threaten to over through him.  But all is not what it seems.

Back on Cybertron, Ultra Magnus, Blaster, the Cassettes, Carly, and Perceptor find the chamber, and all but Perceptor go to Manonia to find Daniel and Grimlock.  Meanwhile, Daniel is drugged and taken to a cell were he meets the real Red Wizard, and proceeds to set him free.  They both venture to find the true leader of Manonia, The Golden One.  When the other Autobot's arrive, they find Grimlock defending the Red Wizards castle From those that still support the Golden One.  It is during the battle that Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Carly set off to find Daniel, who has been lead to the cave that the Golden One was Trapped in.  Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Carly arrive, and Ramhorn proceeds to crash through the boulder that covered the mouth of the cave, thus freeing the Golden One.

Back at the castle, the other Autobot's fight off the invaders, only to start to question the Red Wizard and his motives.  The Golden one arrives, and reveals that the Red Wizard is in fact the Quinteson criminal Merialuf.  The Autobot's then went on to help the Golden One to defeat Merialuf, and restore the order that Manonia once had.