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Species:  Human?

Allegiance:  None

Special Characteristics:  Mercenary


Not much is known about the mercenary known only as Snake.  Though it is widely believed that Snake was once known as Cobra Commander, Cobra Commander the ruthless (and sometimes pompous) leader of the Terrorist organization known of as Cobra.  This assumption is primarily taken from an incident in which a crime lord named Victor Drath hired Snake to trap Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Springer, and Arcee and have their personalities removed from their bodies and placed into synthetic human bodies.  These synthetic bodies are similar to something that was created by a Cobra agent named Destro called Synthoids.

Even with this evidence to support this assumption, it is still not conclusive proof that the mercenary named Snake and Cobra Commander are the same person.  This is supported by the facts that Cobra was taken down in the Earth year 1997 by the combined forces of GI Joe and the Autobot's when it was learned that Cobra Commander was trying to form an alliance with the Decepticon's in order to gain access to their level of technology.  During the battle, Cobra Commander was believed to be killed when his command center was hit by a missile, or at least that was the story that the Commander's top General's told authorities after the battle ended.  This story could not be confirmed, since Cobra Commanders body was never found in the ruble.

Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure if Snake and Cobra Commander are one in the same, for after the incident with Drath, despite the best efforts of the E.D.C., Snake vanished, and was never seen or heard from again.