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Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Autobot

Special Characteristics:  Street Savvy


Born in New York City, and educated on its streets, Raoul was working as a car thief when he found Tracks, who had been damaged in an accident, and fixed him up.  Raoul then went on to become fiends with the Autobot, and help him to stop a Decepticon run car stealing ring.  That experience helped Raoul to clean up his act, and to make some money legitimately, he and some friends became street dancers.  

But Raoul was unable to stay away from the battle for very long.  The Decepticon's came back into his life when they opened the Dance a Tron, a dance club that used subliminal messages to brainwash humans into working for them.  Tracks and Blaster found Raoul and his friends Plopblock and Rocksteady being chased by a gang that had been brainwashed at the club.  The 2 Autobot's went to check out the club, and though they found nothing suspicious, about the club itself, they did find a lot of out of place people inside.  Eventually, Raoul and his friends find out that water works a counter to the brainwashing, and Tracks creates a rainstorm to save all of the people that were effected.

After the Dance a Tron incident, Raoul went on to college, and got a degree in Architecture and Robotic engineering, and was one humans that helped the Autobot's to design and then build Autobot City, as well as Metroplex.  Raoul even teamed up with his old friends Plopblock and Rocksteady to rebuilt the Dance a Tron as an all ages night club.  In his free time, Raoul also worked as a mentor for kids that are about to follow the same path that he was when he first met the Autobot's.