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Marisa Faireborn

Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Autobot

Special Characteristics:  Captain, Earth Defense Command


Dashiel Faireborn (A.K.A. Flint)Captain Marisa Fairborn of the E.D.C (Earth Defense Command) is no stranger to the Military life.  The daughter of former GI Joe second in command Dashiel Faireborn (Codename Flint), Marisa rose through the ranks rather quickly, and was eventually was placed in a position were she could work closely with the Autobot's.  Making good use of this position, she became friends with many of the Autobot's, including Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup, The Technobots, Sky Lynx, Blurr, and Wheelie. 

Captain Faireborn eventually took over her fathers position in the E.D.C. and worked hard to make sure that Earth was safe from destruction at the hands of any threat.