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Lord Chumley

Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Himself

Special Characteristics:  Big Game Hunter


An over zealous big game hunter, Lord Chumley has collected treasures (or trophies) from around the world.  His collection included everything from a vintage World War 2 tank to a mounted Lions head, to a captured experimental Russian jet, but he still did not consider his collection completed until he had one more item in it, the head of Optimus Prime.  To that end, he captured several Autobot's and used them as bait to lure Optimus Prime to his Castle home were he planned to hunt down and then take Optimus Primes Head.

Though the first part of his plan did work, the second part proved to be a lot harder, especially when Megatron sent Astrotrain and Blitzwing to try and persuade Lord Chumley to work with them.  Both Decepticons were captured before they could do much damage.  In the end, Optimus Prime was able to free the other Autobot's and take a trophy of his own, by tying Lord Chumley to the nose of the Russian Jet, and returning it to its rightful owners.  There is no mention beyond this of what happened to Lord Chumley, but it is suspected that he was still in the Russian prison the day that Optimus Prime was terminally damaged fighting the Decepticon's at the battle for Autobot City (Earth Year 2005).