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Jessica Morgan

Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Autobot's

Special Characteristics:  Pilot/Scientist


Dr. Gregory SwafordDr. MorganIt can be said that Optimus Prime owes his second life to the actions of Jessica Morgan not to mention the rest of the known galaxy.  While testing a new metal alloy in deep space Jessica and her fathers partner Dr. Gregory Swaford came across Optimus Primes shuttle just before it crashed into an asteroid (this was after the incident involving the Quinteson's), and saved his body.  In the process their ship was covered with some type of spores.  Jessica's father was the one that found that the spores induced the most primal emotions of hatred.  Jessica was just starting to make her case to destroy the spores when the lab was attacked by the Terrorcons.  Fortunately the Technobots arrived to stop the Terrorcons, but during the battle a steel beam crushed Jessica's legs, and she was fitted with a special walking apparatus, the damage was already done.

In their rage at all Transformers Jessica's father along with Dr. Swaford put into motion a plan to infect all Transformers with the hate spores that they had found.  Using Optimus Primes body as bait, they lured not only the Autobot's but also the Decepticon's to their lab were they infected several of them with the plague.  Rodimus Prime was able to escape with both Optimus Prime and Jessica and returned to Metroplex.  Though Rodimus Prime was infected with the plague a short time later, he was able to send Sky Lynx on a mission to bring back the only creature that could revive Optimus Prime, a Quinteson.

The Quinteson was successful in reviving Optimus Prime, and Jessica told them about the metal alloy that she, her father, and Dr. Swaford had created, and went on a mission to retrieve it from the Decepticon's.  Unfortunately, she was infected with the plague before the mission ended, and by the time that Optimus Prime had used the Matrix of Leadership to cure the plague, she had returned to Earth.  To this day, Jessica Morgan is honored as one of Earths great Heroines for her part in saving the galaxy from the Hate Plague.