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GI Joe

Species: Human

Allegiance: United States of America

Special Characteristics: Anti Terrorist Unit


GI Joe is a high profile military group that the United States put together in the late 1980's.  Their mission was to stop the Terrorist organization Cobra from conquering the world.  Though these 2 wars were being fought at the same time, neither side considered combineing forces until the Earth year 1997, when Cobra started to receive help from the Decepticon's.  After this alliance was discovered, GI Joe and the Autobot's quickly joined forces as well.

Working together, the Joe's and the Autobot's were not only able to stop the Cobra/Decepticon alliance, but also bring down the organization as well.  Unfortunatly though, Cobra Commander escaped during the heat of the battle and disapeared.  It is believed that he became a mercinary named Snake, who helped a criminal named Victor Drath to capture and seperate from their bodies Rodimus Prime, Arrce, Springer, and Ultra Magnus in the Earth year 2006.

Though the GI Joe team was dispanded after the fall of Cobra, several of them helped to establish the Earth Defence Command (E.D.C.)  which was charged with assisting the Autobot's in protecting Earth.

(Please note that the above events were 98% made up, since there is no record of what happened between 1986 and 2005.  The part about Snake helping Victor Drath is the only confirmable part of this entire section.)