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Dr. Fugiyama

Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Autobot's

Special Characteristics:  Robotics Engineer


Once considered the foremost expert on robotics, Dr. Fugiyama reached the height of his career when he created the Lady Ninja, Nightbird, the Nightbirdmost advanced Transformer Like robot ever built on Earth.  Unfortunately, Megatron got wind of this project, and stole the robot during its unveiling to the public, despite the presence of the Autobot's, who were serving as a combination of Guest of Honor and Guards.

Once he had possession of the Ninja robot, Megatron had Bombshell install Cybertronian components to give Nightbird the life that Dr. Fugiyama had not been able to give her, and sent her to Autobot Headquarters to steal the World Energy Chip, a chip that helped the Autobot's monitor the worlds energy supply in order to better protect it from the Decepticon's.  

Though Nightbird was successful in stealing the chip, she was perused by the Autobot's, who after a long and difficult chase was finally able to corner and capture her.  It was at that time that the Decepticon's showed up to retake the World Energy Chip from the Autobot's.  Fortunately, Starscream, who had been told by Megatron that Nightbird would be replacing him, showed up and used his Null-Ray on Nightbird, which prompted Megatron and the other Decepticon's to take off after him for his latest treachery.

Nightbird was returned to Dr. Fugiyama, who vowed to fix the damage that the Decepticon's had done to her, and to continue his research in robotics so that one day Earth could create a robot that might be able to live up to the standards of the Autobot's.  Unfortunately, he never lived to see that dream come true, for in the Earth year 1993 Nightbird escaped her prison, killing Dr. Fugiyama in the process.  Nightbird was once again captured by the Autobot's, but this time she was permanently deactivated for her actions.