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Species:  Human

Allegiance:  Nobody

Special Characteristics:  Terrorist Organization


A criminal organization who's soul purpose was domination of the world, Cobra was started up in the late 1980's by a man known only as The Cobra Commander.  In response to the threat of Cobra, the United States started GI Joe, a group both military and civilian specialists who's soul purpose would be to stop Cobra.  It was decided that Cobra was not a big enough threat for the Autobot's to involve themselves in the battle, and for several years the GI Joe/Cobra and the Autobot/Decepticon war remained separate, until it was learned in the late 1990's that Cobra and the Decepticon's were planning to form an alliance to conquer Earth.

For the first time, the Autobot's and GI Joe joined forces, and by the time the final battle had ended, the Decepticon's were once again in retreat, and Cobra was finally shut down for good.  It was discovered only after the battle had ended that The Cobra Commander had escaped, never to be seen again.  It should be noted that it is believed that Cobra Commander took on the identity of Snake, a mercenary that helped the crime lord Victor Drath to capture and then separate Rodimus Prime, Springer, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus from their bodies, and into artificially created Synthoid bodies.  Unfortunately, Snake escaped when the Autobot's finally brought Drath and his organization down not long after.