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Decepticon Cassettes

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Name: Buzzsaw

Transformation: Condor


Name: Laserbeak

Transformation: Condor


Name: Ravage

Transformation: Panther


Name: Rumble

Transformation: Robot


Name: Frenzy

Transformation: Robot


Name: Ratbat

Transformation: Bat


Name: Overkill

Transformation: Dinosaur (Unknown Species at this time)


Name: Slugfest

Transformation: Stegosaurus


In order to increase their ability to spy of the Autobot's, the Decepticon's created Cassette Transformers capable of infiltrating their installations and reporting back their finding to Megatron (or Galvatron).  With Soundwave as their guardian and leader, the Decepticon cassettes originally consisted of Laserbeak, a Condor that could place itself in the smallest of hiding places to spy on the Autobot's.  Ravage, a Panther that could be just as effective a spy.  And Rumble, a small robot that is able to create earthquakes with his mighty pile driver arms.  Shortly after arriving on Earth though, the Decepticon's added 2 more Cassettes to their ranks basing them on 2 of the other cassettes.  First was Buzzsaw, who was based on Laserbeak, and then Frenzy, who was based on Rumble.  Both of these new cassettes had all of the same abilities as the ones that they were based on.

By 2005, 3 more cassettes, all with animal transformations, were added to the Decepticon ranks.  First was Ratbat who, like Laserbeak, was primarily responsible for spying on the Autobot's, and reporting back to Galvatron.  Then came Overkill and Slugfest, a couple of powerful Dinosaur's (though Slugfest was a Stegosaurus, it is not known at this time what breed of Dinosaur Overkill was).

It should also be noted that Ravage among some Decepticon's that were rebuilt into Predacons after the last great war ended (though somehow he was able to keep his tape transformation).  Now a Predacon, Ravage was sent to Prehistoric Earth to locate Megatron (the one from the Beast Wars) and destroy him with all prejudice.  This mission changed though when it was learned that Megatron was only following the instructions of the original Megaton, for whom Ravage served under.  In the end Ravage was finally terminated by the Maximal Rattrap, when he blew up Ravage's ship.

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