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Transformation: Space Ship


Not much is known about this mysterious Autobot.  Though some have speculated that he was a member of the group that Sandstorm led, this has never been proven.  Defcon is best known as a Bounty Hunter that tracked down Decepticon Criminals, binging them in to face Justice.

Defcon had tracked three Decepticon's (Dirge, Ramjet, and Astrotrain) to the Planet Shiode were he met Smokescreen and the alien gambler Bosch, who were attempting to get Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Inferno back from Lord Gyconi.  With Smokescreen and Bosch's help, Defcon was able to track down the three Decepticon's and chase them away from the planet.  Defcon then took off from the planet, taking with him Slizardo, one of Lord Gyconi's henchmen.

It should be noted that Slizardo and Defcon do eventually end their partnership.  By the year 2005 Slizardo is a mercenary for hire and works for two of the Autobot's enemies (the Decepticon's and the Quintesson's).  It is not known what happened to Defcon.