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The Cybertron Museum

Teletraan I

Welcome to the Cybertron Museum, I am Teletraan V and I will be your guide today through the Great Wars that ravaged the planet Cybertron up to the Beast Wars of Prehistoric Earth and ending with, what many call the Spark Wars (Beast Machines), and how this world became the Techorganic Paradise that it is now.

Below are the three primary sections of the Museum. Feel free to move from Exhibit to Exhibit, and also try to bear in mind that most of the data from the Earth Years 1986 to 2005 were lost in one of the last battles of the Great War, so our information on that time period is incomplete. Other then that please enjoy yourselves, and also be sure to sign our guestbook.



The Transformers
The Beast Wars
The Beast Machines


Words from the Curator



I do not own, nor do I claim anything to do with this great TV show (I was only 8 when it first started).  Anything that is in the bios from the year 1986 to 2004, is all made up, and should not be taken as what really happed during those lost years, so please do not e-mail me, asking were I got all of my Information from.  If you have any questions or comments e-mail me, and I will take them under advisement.


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